Totally a Joke again

Rem last year when i had an increment and i totally whine about the unfairness?? well… it happened again this year, same across the board… i am sore cos i am promoted but pay adjustment is same as everyone else… dun understand… it looks like a joke to me…


Time management

I simply do not understand why some people just couldn’t manage their time well. Have this colleague that is forever going to.the specialist during working hours! Check urine la… Check eyes la…. I fully understand that there is a need to visit the doctor at times but at regualr basis? Shouldn’t you just apply leave or at least apply sick leave and not eat into the work timing?
Not that it affect me.or anything but I pity my friend that has to be partnering with her… Simply so inconsiderate and I have another colleague telling me that I am too rigid to be against people visiting doctors during working hours…
Guess that is generation gap.


I am so happy that Saturday finally came cos it has been a terrible work week for me!
With my immediate boss away in Australia for his pre-wedding shots, i am being pressed daily, i really meant DAILY by his boss!!!!!
So much stress and anger that my partner and I have been piling on ice cream and other snacks to de-stress!!!
Am so glad that Saturday is finally here for me to take a gooooood rest away from those terrible whatsapps, messages and emails!!!

Boss will only be back on 31st August!!!! 4 more days of war before he's back!!! 😦
Hwaiting Enon!! 

Keep smiling

Life is not always full of rainbow and faries but there is always a reason to smile J 
Getting kinda emotional lately with some small little issues over work… the only thing I can mention is that it's such a pity that I am of no connection and I am just a small little role
Keep on telling myself that colleagues cannot be choosen so choose my friends wisely.

The reason to keep me smiling daily is Family.
Love the daily love from the husband and my darling Noona.
Receiving the love daily after work makes me feel that working hard for a better future is always worth it.
Have to always think positively and always choose to ignore if it doesn't concerns me.
Need to have the thinking that if you ain't gonna appreciate it and forever doubting it, there is nothing I can do as I've done my best.
It's just that we are looking at things from a different view thus the different ways of doing things.
Enough of negative rantings…

Always keep in mind to keep smiling for myself and my family ♥

The Art & Craft

I am never a art & craft student thus when I was tasked by Boss to complete a ranking board, my mind went blank…. Oops!!

The raw materials….,

The first artwork that looks like kindergarten piece but I was a little satisfied….

After adding glitter trimmings….

This is the first name board I finished and it’s looks a little yucky…
Left it to dry but hiccups happens!!
Colleague left documents on top for me and OMG!! All got stucked and spoil my work… I was super upset but I guess everything happens for a reason…

Redo and I think I like this better… Notice my warning? “Do not touch, wet paint! You’ll be cursed!” haha!!

Close up…

The 80% finished work!! That’s all I can post cos remaining will be P&C!!

Till later… …

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This is life…

Call me petty but the recent pay increment make me a little upset. It was the same across the board for my platform given that we are all new joiners but the point is 3 of us are from the 1st batch. We started in January and the others only join after April and some even as late as August.

Nothing we can do or fight about but this is life. We are no friends of whosoever then just get the job done and work smart. Even the basic pay makes us upset too….

Work Smart and This is Life…

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