Keep smiling

Life is not always full of rainbow and faries but there is always a reason to smile J 
Getting kinda emotional lately with some small little issues over work… the only thing I can mention is that it's such a pity that I am of no connection and I am just a small little role
Keep on telling myself that colleagues cannot be choosen so choose my friends wisely.

The reason to keep me smiling daily is Family.
Love the daily love from the husband and my darling Noona.
Receiving the love daily after work makes me feel that working hard for a better future is always worth it.
Have to always think positively and always choose to ignore if it doesn't concerns me.
Need to have the thinking that if you ain't gonna appreciate it and forever doubting it, there is nothing I can do as I've done my best.
It's just that we are looking at things from a different view thus the different ways of doing things.
Enough of negative rantings…

Always keep in mind to keep smiling for myself and my family ♥


Cacio e Pepe – Italian Restaurant

Headed off to Rochdale Road for some Italian action on Saturday and i am so stuffed at 9.30pm.
The restaurant name is Cacio e Pepe and the owners were so nce to have thrown in a bottle of red wine on the house. (오빠 knew one of their staff)


I started the night with Portobello (forgot to take rhe photos as it was wolfed down by 오빠 and Daddy before i can snap a picture. Fresh portobello mushrooms backed with crab meat and prawn finished with rich gorgonzola sauce. This is simply finger licking good but the portion is a little too small to fill me up. SGD17,00 for starters is quite worth it for the quality that they deliver.

Next up is pizza to share….. we ordered the Peccati di Gola that is baked to perfection topped with mozzarella cheese, mushroom pork sausage, specks and italian cream. Finger licking good! i had 3 big slices and am still craving for more.
The crust is slightly thicker on the sides giving it the chewy texture and i swear it is so crispy! SGD28.00 for such a big pizza is thumbs up!


I ordered the Spaghetti Nero de Seppia – Squid Ink Pasta as my main course. I’ve been craving for squid ink pasta for such a long time and finally i tasted it. The spaghetti is cooked just nice and the sauce is PERFECT! i can taste the sweetness of the seafood and suprisingly, my mouth wasn’t black when i am done with it. SGD22.00 is worth for all the seafood you get!!

Daddy ordered the Pan-grilled salmon and i must say that he is a happy man after the wine and meat! The salmon is cooked just nice – Crispy skin and moist on the inside! SGD23.00 for quality is totally worth it!

오빠 ordered the Beef Tenderloin which we find that it’s a little overpriced at SGD33.00. it was a little tasteless and we should have ordered the lamb chop instead…. mmmm……

Finally, look at my happy daddy!!!!!

Ending the entry of my Noona…. shall bring her there the next time as we are allow to sit outside……

Check out their website for more updates!!!

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Random things!!!

i think that i had done good for my papers… but i’ll still be praying hard till the announcement my results… Statistics was a breeze but the Organisation Behaviour was a bit messed up…. Attended a secondary school friend’s wedding yesterday and it felt more like a class gathering…. Congratulations to Roger and Jane…. photos taken with the groom is with the others… will post if i do happen to have the chance to get it….. Speaking of wedding, i do have some overdue photos from Jason’s wedding…. he is one of my co-worker of Battery…. Enjoy……

On April’s Fool Day, i fooled myself by spending $200 on hair extensions and removing them 5 hours later as it was too painful and my family laughed at me looking like a ghost!!
This is the expensive rubbish…..

After removing and this is how i look like…. opps!! i have no makeup on and i was mugging for my papers so this pose…

i am loving the Marbleade that i got from and i think that i am starting to fall in love with highlighters… i must control myself from buying as i do not think i will be able to finish off my makeup….

#04 ♥♥♥isn’t it a beauty??♥♥♥

Lastly, Happy Easter!!

 ♥My Fav drink♥