Totally Lazy

I blame it on being pregnant for not updating my blog. OOPS!!
Am just to tired after the daily buzz at work and weekends are spend washing clothes, playing with Noona and sleeping.

Am 26 weeks plus pregnant now and just another 13 weeks, Baby Rachelle will be in my arms.
Yes, her name is Rachelle. Decided on her name after we gotten to know the gender as we wanted to have a name to address her whenever we make small talks 🙂
The 2nd trimester has been a breeze as compared to the frist 14 weeks which I puked like mad and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the puking doesn’t returned during the 3rd trimester.

Had initially planned for a short BKK trip during the 2nd trimester but Dr Phua say NO 😦
I really cannot remember when was my last trip…. most probably is 4 years ago when I’ve just gotten Noona into our lives.
Speaking of Noona, she is turning 4 years old this Friday and I am loving her to bits.\
Sometimes I get very upset whenever people tells me to get rid of Noona after Rachelle is born.
Comeon, Noona is my family and I am sure no one get rids of family members right.
Some suggested to send Noona back to my parents and I am just wondering what is the difference of passing her to my parents and abandoning her….
I just got to learn to take all suggestions with a pinch of salt as I know that they meant well too, just that they are not thinking from my view. 🙂

I’ve recently switch my skincare from SKII to Albion and I am loving it…. been only at it for 2 weeks plus.
Will do a review soon I promise…



Totally a Joke again

Rem last year when i had an increment and i totally whine about the unfairness?? well… it happened again this year, same across the board… i am sore cos i am promoted but pay adjustment is same as everyone else… dun understand… it looks like a joke to me…

What is Fear?

Fear is an emotional sign that is hard to control.
It’s hits you when you least expected it and it is always very very hard to chase it away.
Fear drives you crazy and sucks away that happiness.
It creeps into you and craves it deep in your mind and your heart.
It brings back memories that you have been wanting to forget and reminds you that there is no way you can turn back time.
The only way to fight fear is to stay positive!!

Time management

I simply do not understand why some people just couldn’t manage their time well. Have this colleague that is forever going to.the specialist during working hours! Check urine la… Check eyes la…. I fully understand that there is a need to visit the doctor at times but at regualr basis? Shouldn’t you just apply leave or at least apply sick leave and not eat into the work timing?
Not that it affect me.or anything but I pity my friend that has to be partnering with her… Simply so inconsiderate and I have another colleague telling me that I am too rigid to be against people visiting doctors during working hours…
Guess that is generation gap.

Bad Service!

I love Korean food and I love going to Ju Shin Jung at Joo Chiat for lunch… just located opposite my office. PS: They have a foodcourt stall above my office too… my fav is the chicken set… yumz but the Kimchi is waaaayyyyy tooooo sour… lol!

OK! Back to the bad service issue!

My colleagues and I love to head over for lunch coa their set meal is super value for money…  the portions are so huge that we usually share one set among 2pax…. and not forgetting the yummy sides they serve….. We are such regulars that the manager also know us…. But after what happen yesterday, I don’t think I will ever wanna step in again.

Yesterday, we went in a group of 4 and ordered 2 sets… This Phinoy waitress gave me the dirty look after I told her just 2 sets will do… here’s the conversation:

Me: One Saba Set and another Fried Pork Set
Phinoy: 2sets?!! Not enough for 4 people *shooting me irritated glance*
Me: Nvm, the portions are too big, we will order more if we need, thanks
Phinoy: *super irritated* THEN LATER IF NEED ADDITIONAL SIDE IS $2, OKAY!
Me: Okay, no problem, thanks…

She walked away after a final glare and guess what, she threw the menu on the next table with a LOUD ‘BAMP’!! Really loud!

I am still all okay till she started talking to her colleagues and pointing to our table shooting us dirty looks….

Comon! It’s not as though we cannot afford the meals! We tried order 1 set per pax before and at the end of the meal, there are at least 40% left on the table! And we usually order sides like Kimchi pancake (huge portion) to share…

The last straw came when I saw her colleague walking towards our table and bowing to the other customer saying Anneonghasayeo before taking a good look at us…. Damn it!!

I called the manager over and told him to cancel our orders as his staff is way too rude in their attitude… But i must give thumbs up to the manager for his sincer apology and sending us all the way out giving a final bow of apology. All the time,  the Phinoy glaring at us… what a bitch!!

okay… rants finish… feeling better…. 
i completed my lunch with Wonton Noodles….