The Wedding – Part Two

Taking a little too long but here’s the pictures!! 
Everything happen in a blink and till now, the memories are still blur!!
A great happening that i will remember for life! ♥♥


After the ROM and simple tea session [with lotsa gifts and angbaos], it’s back to the changing room for my white gown. I love love this piece from The Aisle and i really thank all the staff there for their great help. Brides to be, go ahead and book with The Aisle!! 

Thanks Mei Ching for being there so early to help out! My BFF of 14 years and counting!! 

Thanks Ah Bao and Robin for all the help! Another BFF of 14 years and counting!!!
 My lovely bouquet ball!
I am always a Korean fan and the greatest regret i have is that my husband is not korean!! LOL!!! Joking!!
Hub was very nice to let me have my way for my bouquet so here i am with a korean style bouquet ball.

The ‘Nobody’ dance that my sister and Daniel did before my 1st march in….
I am still waiting for the video from dear Robin…. 

1st march in…
Please ignore my ‘cute’ face as i find that it really reflects my mood…. i am so gan jeong and everything that happen beside me was a blur vision…. 
Check out the super long train! 

Cutting of the fake cake…. 
Finally our turn to sit down for some yummy food…. i didn’t had the chance to eat a lot as i had to go change my hairstyle before the 2nd dish…. 

I absolute love my 2nd gown but the photos isnt doing any justice to it!!!! it is a flattering toga style but i look fat in the photos…. Neh!! 
Yum Seng…. See my lovely niece!! That was her 2nd outfit too!

The hub and brothers had a fun time toasting!! 

See my blissful look??

Thanks Yaying, another BFF of 14 years for being there!! her prince is so charming!!

With this, i shall end my single life…..
PS: i didnt manage to bring back my wedding favors….

So near yet so far

With my wedding day just 1 month and 8 days away, I can say that I am the worst bride ever….
Nothing much as been done to improve that fatty figure I have and hair has been chopped short…. I am intending to be a gothic bride… Lol!!
The wedding cards are still not done… I have yet to see and finalize the wedding card insert and I must say that my banquet manager is doing a seriously bad job! I am the one pushing her all along and she is always so ula ula!!
I think the only thing that is ready is my guest list… Still some amendments here and there but that is small issue…. The thing that I hate is that some people simply do not give me a confirmation…. Angry!!!!!
Ok… Enough of nagging done!!
Good morning and have a great day at work!!

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Eventful day!!

It’s such an eventful day today!

Part of my loot today!

오빠 and I started going put at 11plus to Compasspoint to redeem my free DHC cleansing oil 30ml with the cut out of a page from CLEO, then we headed to Wisma Beetle Bug to get his wedding shoes…. Next stop at CK Tang MAC to get my loose powder in NC15…

I just knew that I am a NC15 as I am not a fan of MAC…. I wanted to get some mineral base type but after trying out how finely milled the powder is, I am kinda sold…. Hopefully no breakouts….

Gotten a Canmake cream blush too and I love how SWEET this colour is… Am thinking should I get the limited edition highlighter too but it’s kinda too glittery….

Headed to FEP for 오빠 haircut and I’ve gotten myself my wedding shoes from Anna Nucci…. Not too expensive… About SGD90

Another preview!!! Final stop at The Aisle for final fitting before PS!!!! Love love love their gowns!!

Coloring my hair now… Got to cover the black roots before PS on Thursday!!

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Random things!!!

i think that i had done good for my papers… but i’ll still be praying hard till the announcement my results… Statistics was a breeze but the Organisation Behaviour was a bit messed up…. Attended a secondary school friend’s wedding yesterday and it felt more like a class gathering…. Congratulations to Roger and Jane…. photos taken with the groom is with the others… will post if i do happen to have the chance to get it….. Speaking of wedding, i do have some overdue photos from Jason’s wedding…. he is one of my co-worker of Battery…. Enjoy……

On April’s Fool Day, i fooled myself by spending $200 on hair extensions and removing them 5 hours later as it was too painful and my family laughed at me looking like a ghost!!
This is the expensive rubbish…..

After removing and this is how i look like…. opps!! i have no makeup on and i was mugging for my papers so this pose…

i am loving the Marbleade that i got from and i think that i am starting to fall in love with highlighters… i must control myself from buying as i do not think i will be able to finish off my makeup….

#04 ♥♥♥isn’t it a beauty??♥♥♥

Lastly, Happy Easter!!

 ♥My Fav drink♥