Biore Bodyfoam

Went Watsons today and score myself 2 shower foams!!!

Tried the Apple one – Refresh just now and I smell like a yummy Fuji Apple now! SGD 14.50 for 2 is a great steal!!


From Yellowish to Chocolate

Time to touch up the ugly roots!

Loading a nay photo that I have center parting… the black roots has grown quite a bit and color actually fades to a dirty yellowish tone…. YUCKS!

Saw this cute Palty color kit at Watsons last friday when i was there to get the Liese hair color…. Bimbo me bought this in Dark Chocolate for SGD 16.90


It’s cute TTM with the hot pink cup and mixer…. pour both solution and cream into the cup… stir and viola!!!! Foam dye for the hair!


Tried it this morning and I still very much prefer the Liese one…. This Palty doesn’t foam up upon application…. Instead, it’s feel like the normal cream hair dye and once I am.done, it sort of chunk up into a lump on my head. The amount is just nice for my thick short hair so please get 2 boxes if you have long hair… though I won’t recommend anyone to get this as I DON’T LIKE IT.


Upon washing off the dye, hair is super dry! So dry that I had to use loads and loads of Essential hair treatment to detangle them…. ~(*+﹏+*)~

Tada! The color is not too bad but my roots are still ugly…. at least I am not the dirty yellowish girl now… heh!


Shall stick to only Liese! Will be venturing into the darker tones… it makes me younger,  i think… heh heh! (^3^)

Happy Shopping

Made my way to NEX Watsons after work cos I needed to purchase a serum after my SKll serum is finishing…. well, don’t intend to re-purchase as I am giving my skin a break…. But the FTE is a must….

The loots! Total damage? $80++++


there is even a GWP!

A Vanitytrove package full of samples!!


Review in a month or so for the Naruko as it’s for my day usage…. Night is still SKll!!


till later!

The Nature Lab Makeup Remover Serum

24 hours a day is not enough!!
This is the most common statement that we keep hearing day in day out and lotsa beauty companies are launching their 1 step makeup removing products…
I am a all time lover of Bifesta which used to be know as Cleansing Express….
A trip to Watsons a month ago brought me to a new product from The Nature Lab, made in Korea.

SAM_0401 (600x800)
There are a total of 3 types and I bought the whitening one.
Fairness is super important to me, 一白遮三丑….. 

 SAM_0402 (600x800)
The plus points of the product 🙂

SAM_0406 (800x600)

The descripition sounds amazing though…
SAM_0404 (800x600)Ingredients if you are interested.
How this product fare?

Texture: Upon pumping, this serum is more gelish like, pearlish white color. I usually use 3 pumps for my full face. Upon massaging, this serum turns into liquid.
Scent: There isn't any scent to it.
Price: $14.90 for 200ml
Verdict: When I first started using this, it actually broke my forehead out a little but I continue using and the breakout stops. I like that fact that the cleansing is easy as one step is all i need but the removing power is not strong enough to remove my waterproof mascara completely. I would always have to follow up with my eye makeup remover from Bifesta/Biore. Upon washing off, skin is soft and no squeaking dry feeling. I tried the first 3 nights without doing a double wash but I felt that skin is not clean enough. (maybe that's why it broke me out?) I went back to my double cleanse routine after i saw the little bumps and skin is back to normal. After about 3 weeks of usage, i do notice that skin seems to be fairer / brighter but ain't sure if it's just the lighting effects, mental thinking or the product is really working. Comparing this with Bifesta, i prefer the latter as it did a better job. Not going to repurchase this after i am done with it.

A needed mask haul

Went to GP for a check just now cos the Miss Red visit has been super terrible for the past 2 months… Visited me total of 4X!!!! Something is wrong!!

The GP told me nothing he can do cos I need to go to a Gynea for a scan or blood test to know what exactly happen… But he also mention that there might be cyst… OMG!!

Gonna make an appointment tomolo cos the gynae was out just now 😦

Tada!! Something to cheer myself up from Watsons!!! I am a super frequent user of sheet masks and I love them!!!

Ingredients if u are interested!!!

Another one!!

This is how I store my sheet masks and sleeping masks!!

Ending the post with Noona!!

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No willpower

Ah hahahahahah!!!! I was still writing in my previous post that I need to control my spending and a trip to Watsons just now to get the ZA 2way cake for my mother proves that I have no willpower!!

What’s in the bag!!?

Tada!! Only the ZA 2way cake belongs to my mother… Remaining item all mine… Mmmmm…. Should I push the blame to the POSB Everyday card cos it gave me a $10 discount voucher for min spending of $50.

My favorite sunblock Biore launch 2 new product! 2 new waterbase sunblock… One mousse texture and another in gel… Both helps to keep the skin hydrated and upon application, water droplets can be seen.

Facts about the balm… I purchase the mousse one that is with SPF50 PA+++, cost be SGD$18.90 and I think that the price is super reasonable.

Ingredient listing if you are interested.
I’ve tried it on the back of my hand and I like the act that it glides easily and it leaves no white cast. A must buy for me as my current sunblock is finishing in another 2 to 3 uses.

Haba Lado has 2 new products on shelf!! A lip gel and a facial mist. I grab both immediately I see it as my Etude BB mist just finish… As for the lip balm… It’s just another devil in my mind asking me to buy to add in to my 1233455677765433 balms…. Hees!!

Facts about the lip gel…. This retails for SGD$10.90 and I am sold with anything that contains hyaluronic acid…. A good time to try this as the air in my current office is sooooooooo dry!!

Ingredient list if you are interested!

Facts about the facial mist…. Retails for SGd$17.90
Facial mist are a must for me as I gets flaky skin easily… Hope this is going to work as well as my Etude BB mist….

Ingredient if You are interested!!

Just ad additional cute product i s aw but i didn’t get it as I still have about half bottle left…

Hada Labo signature lotion refill…. I think this retails for SGD$18.90
Cute and environmental friendly!!

That’s all… I am going to color my hair now….

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