A retail therapy to celebrate my birthday month

Well, turing 27 isn’t a much of a hooha but i am making use of the Watsons Member birthday month special of getting 5X points… and retail therapy always makes Enon a happy girl. 

My HG shampoo…. althought my hair is still like hays but this seriously helps a lot…. it used to be a lot worse. 2 types of vitamins to my daily supply…. most probably i will soon do a review on my vitamins intake…. Liese hair colour in Ash Brown… I colour my hair once every 5 to 6 weeks and ever since this has been launch, it is my HG DIY hair dye. Ignore the Nieva thingy as it’s for my BF. Dejave Lash Knockout Mascara and I am so excited to get this….. and lastly a Canmake blusher….

Being a vitamin slave…. my dog Noona also need one….

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Spending Spending & More Spending

Be ready for some cheapo stuffs…..

Thursday Purchases 210509:

Read blog about her rave for the SaSa HD Perfect Foundation and i was sold, I have tried it today and it really WOW me… for the price of $18.90, this is a super worth product. Without the help of a highlighter, it brings out my features…. sorry that no picts were taken but do visit post for picts…. And of course, being a skincare freak, how can i leave the store without skincare… saw that Gowoonsesang have launch another series of skincare name Dr Young and there is a 15% off so i bought the Sprinkling Mist Toner…. tried it and love the light floral smell…. the mist is refreshing too. i grab the Nieva Fresh Caring Lotion without thinking much as i love the non sticky feel and the trademark smell of Nieva cream products…..

Tues Purchaes 190509:

Accompany BF to Far East for a haircut and i ended up with a ZA Pore Smoother that i love very much… have been applying this on the t-zone area for the past 3 days and i love that fact that i do not need to blot for at least 9 hours… i usually blot after 3 to 4 hours…. upon applying this super light weight smoother, my t-zone area felt smooth and applying the powder is easy…. i tried with EDM, BB and HD….. it is super worth the price of $15.90.
i have also gotten a DoDo Club BB Cream from SolMarket for $17.90. i love the pinky packaging…. more bb again….

Friday Purchases 220509:

i have decided to skip the lesson halfway as it was getting very very dry and all my ‘kakis’ have decided to leave the class and i didn’t want to stay alone in the class…. have been shopping around Tiong Bahru Plaza as BF lesson only end at 9.30pm so i went to my favourite store – Watsons…. have gotten my vitamins supplies today and i also bought along a One a Day for Men for BF….. i have been taking the One a Day for Women for months and i think that it’s great as it is formulated specially for a woman’s daily need of vitamins…. now that there’s one for men, i think BF should start too…. $33….

Upon reaching home, i am so happy to see the package from i have bought a Stila and 2 eyeliner from her spree to help fund maybe one of her cocktails and she is always so speedy in her ‘speedpost’ and the thing that i love her most is that she is super generous with her freebies of samples for me…. knowing that i am a skincare freak, she always packs me skincare samples…..

sorry for the lousy pic

The Vitamins Supplies!!!

Here’s the items that have sent me…. Don’t you think she really deserve my love?? LOL!! i am so happy to see the Dr Wu samples as i have been eyeing the hyaluronic acid serum for some time but didn’t wanna get it as my TFS hyaluronic acid serum is still 70% full…. thanks babe…
Being a bookworm, how could i resist when Popular Bookstore is giving a pre GSS promotion of 20% storewide from 22/05 to 24/05….. All about women…

 Had bought this on wednesday 200509 in school too…. interesting story.

The real reason:

must be thinking why am i buying so much this week, i guess it’s retail therapy…. i admit that i do make purchases on a regular basic but this week is like spending my quota of the whole month as i am feeling real BLUE. my elder cousin has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer on last Sat and my whole family’s mindset was in a mess…. now is slighty better and she had completed her operations just now. just hope that things aren’t as bad as what we think…. 

another issue is that i am dealing with lots of unseen stress from work. it is not appropriate from me to state anything public but all i can say that it is not easy having to deal with complaint issues and lots of shits on a daily basic…. i really want to run away soon……

ETUDE STUFFS and some reviews…..

Apologise for the late late review on this product. tried this for continously 2 weeks but i have stopped now as lately i am busy going into a new job position and wasn’t able to pop this between trainings thus i am only doing a review based on the 2 weeks of consumption. i was able to see a great change as i think that is only 2 weeks but it did not give me any breakouts. but i am not sure am i imagining things or not but with this, i am going to the toliet more often with loose stools, sorry i know it’s yucky…. i will be going back on the pills again next week after i settle down in the new branch and then i’ll see again. but i have a big big pimple on my cheek after i stop….. connected?? and it’s stil there till now….

forgive me for resizing the pictures to a very very funny size…. well, i wanted to just post some of my buys lately… the LaSource is a gift from MAMA LINDA dearest on my last day at battery… i love this series hand cream… it just smell great!! the BRTC blemish solution is fr Watson’s @ SGD 29.90… not too bad but i still need time to test it more, the Liese is just a hair mist and it smells lovely, i bought it cos it’s pink and girly and sweet….

The above are some of the items that Keng got his cousin to bring back for me fr Korea… think cost me about SGD 70 to SGD 75. i will do a review soon i hope….
did some rearranging on my makeup space so that i can easy access to them in the morning rathen than having to open the box and look for it. now all that are kept in boxes are the things that i seldom use….
i love EDM!!!

The Face Shop Haul & Playmates

Went to Compas Point with KJ for dinner at Ajisen…. Yummy… shop around and decided to go to The FaceShop for some shopping therapy… i do this on a monthly routine and this is the therapy session for October.

My haul and the bag is a free gift.
**The bag itself is made of good quality material.

Quick & Clean First Aid Gel for KJ!! I tried this before and this stuff really works. Imagine squeezing a pimple and ended having it red and sore, apply this and next day, it heals. Love it and it’s cheap too @ SGD 14.90.

Hyaluronic Acid Essence. I have heard lots of rave on hyaluronic asid so decided to grab this product when i notice that TFS has launch it as i am so in love with their Hyaluronic Acid Sheet mask. i always make sure that i have stocks of the mask so that i wouldn’t run out of it in case TFS run out of stocks. will do a review some time later on this product.

Mung Bean Facial Form for Dad, never tried this before but Dad rave about it.

Peeling Day?? I am not sure how this product works but decided to get it since the Dewy Flower Clear Peel is out of stocks, guess that it is discontinued. Haiz….. hope this works as well do. i do peeling at least once a month and i switch around some peels from Neutrogena to E Mask *from my mother’s company, she’s a beautician* and i uses Biore Facial Scrub 2 times a week.

1 Nail base coat and 1 Nail colour BL601 @ SGD 2.90ea, Cheap Deal!! Cellu-Stop Body Patch. I got this as i was still short of about SGD 5++ to get the FOC bag so i just grab it.

Proof that i am not working for TFS… learning from kimoko

Got this on 03/10/09 @ Watsons Tiong Bahru Plaza. Tried it yesterday… it states that it will clear the pores and controls oil. not sure to comment good or bad as it breaks out on KJ’s face. for me so far so good. i will give it 3♥/5♥

Pictures of how i keep my playmates… A bit messy for the picture on the left as i keep my textbook there too. The pciture on the left shows my cream masks, nose packs, hair products, body lotions as well as the spares products that i buy and store, i am a kiasu person. picture on the right shows my daily uses of body lotions – Johnson & Johnson whitening body lotion. This is a amazing product as the result is immedialely, try this on one side of the leg first and compare, you will buy this like me too. The Bodyshop Body Butter is for night use as the texture is heavier, there are also my daily pills too that i will write about it later down the post. The ‘apple’ is actually a hand cream from The Faceshop in Korea. **anyone going there please PM me if you are willing to help me buy this as i love the packaging!!**

some items: Vaseline, Sleeping Mask, Nivea Roll-on, Rojukiss Pore serum sample from Fr3b, Canmake Lash serum, Bodyshop Tea Tree Oil, Facial Mist from Takashimaya Pharmacy, SK2 products and Biotherm Pore care, etc.

some items: Anna Sui box that contain cotton pads, my brushes and BB creams, etc.
some items: makeup stuffs
The above 3 pictures when join together will be my daily skincare cum makeup table… it’s a cute little table and i am loving it.  

 Daily Vitamin… this is good and it is important for one to take vitamins on a daily basic as some of the vitamins are essential for our body and the best way to get it is PILLS!! **ps: guys please do not take this as this is Women One A Day
EPO!! Go google it and you will know why am i taking this. This helps in regulating the PMS cycle and it’s good in maintaining the skin… but it’s fattening!!
Sato Hakubi White C2! Bought this on 03/10/08 @ Watsons Tiong Bahru Plaza @ SGD 29.00. Why this? well, i am always loving and taking Vitamin C and this claims that it will brighten the complexion and i am a white freak!! started on 04/10/08… shall see!!

Meji Vitamin C 1000mg in berry flavor. Kelly let me try it on friday and i love the taste and the best thing is that it’s 1000mg of Vitamin C!! 8 packs for SGD 6.60 now at Watsons.
**right!! i am watsons freak too!!**
That’s all for today!!