HappyCall Cinnamon Roll

With the Hubby away on another fishing trip… I am soooooo bored alone at home….

Took the happycall out and decided go 'bake' Hub's fav Cinnamon Roll!!

Bread Flour 250g
HL Milk 150ml
Sugar 3tablespoon
Butter 30g
Salt 0.5teaspoon
Instant Yeast 1teaspoon
Egg 1whole

Cinnamon Sugar

Mixed all the dry ingredient together, rub the butter in and pour all wet ingredient. Mixed well and knead well. Let it proof for 45mins.

Roll the dough out to a rectangle and spread butter all over.

Sprinkle large amount of cinnamon sugar all over and roll the dough in as tight as possible.

Cut into 1.5inch and let it proof for another 20mins.

'Bake' over low fire for 10 mins, flip over for another 10 mins.

Think is only 70% success as I think I added a little too much flour…. It taste more like bread and I wish it could be a little more fluffier….

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Forever in my own world -_-|||

What does the word happiness mean to you? Answers will be different for every individual…

Some may be a good career with lotsa money, some may be to be able to buy lotsa bags and collect them, some may be to be able to see their family members happy, etc etc…

For me? I seriously do not know what is the real meaning of happiness to myself…
Am doing lotsa thinking lately cos this is my last twenties and gonna welcome the BIG THREE in 2013….

The emotional seed has been affecting me quite badly lately cos the future always seems to be in a blur….

Learning very hard to plant the positive seeds and I really think that self believing is very important….

I am always living in my own world and I feel so lost at times. Not that I am not happy but the emotional brain always runs wild…

I know I know… People are going to scold me that I am crazy… Maybe indeed I am crazy….

Happiness to me means that I can go to work (a must cos that is the source of income), be home as early as possible to play with Noona, cook a meal for 오빠, chat with 오빠 on the day happening, catch drama, frequent hauls on skincare and makeup, meet up with the BFFs for dinner sometimes and catchup, to have a baby, etc…

See? Even with writing, I also do not know what I really define as happiness….
The above mentions are mostly my day in and day out but it seems that the emotional brain is still telling me “NO! This is not enough! You want more!!”

What is the more? I have no idea!!
I am forever picking in small items to rot in the emotional brain…

My job is filled with lotsa lovelies but I forever choose to look only at the shits that happen and get upset… 😦

Marriage life is good as 오빠 and me paktor for 13 years before we tie the knot but I forever choose to anyhow think…

Life is ok for me, smooth and great but I am forever thinking if only I can be better….

See? Okay, enough ratings….

Positive seeds in the planting!

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The Art & Craft

I am never a art & craft student thus when I was tasked by Boss to complete a ranking board, my mind went blank…. Oops!!

The raw materials….,

The first artwork that looks like kindergarten piece but I was a little satisfied….

After adding glitter trimmings….

This is the first name board I finished and it’s looks a little yucky…
Left it to dry but hiccups happens!!
Colleague left documents on top for me and OMG!! All got stucked and spoil my work… I was super upset but I guess everything happens for a reason…

Redo and I think I like this better… Notice my warning? “Do not touch, wet paint! You’ll be cursed!” haha!!

Close up…

The 80% finished work!! That’s all I can post cos remaining will be P&C!!

Till later… …

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Snail Mask

So now the trend is snail extract!!
Am using a snail mask from MBD now… Smells like beer!!!

Got this from Watsons at $2 and I am still trying to find if it comes in a box of 10pcs… Wonder how much it cost in Taiwan… Gonna ask my sis to get it when she goes TW in April….

Some photo updates!!

Went prawning on Sat with Hub and it was a fun and yummy date!!

My favourite all time treat!

Noona in cheongsam during CNY!

New bag that colleague CP from Italy…
Love the shade!

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This is life…

Call me petty but the recent pay increment make me a little upset. It was the same across the board for my platform given that we are all new joiners but the point is 3 of us are from the 1st batch. We started in January and the others only join after April and some even as late as August.

Nothing we can do or fight about but this is life. We are no friends of whosoever then just get the job done and work smart. Even the basic pay makes us upset too….

Work Smart and This is Life…

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House warming just ended with a blast!!
I really mean a BLAST cos there were lotsa kids playing and screaming around! Lol!
And gotten the shock when the girls of my 2 bestie decided to take the lift down to level one and went to the car without waiting for the parents!!! Did a block search!!!!!

The blur me forgot to take any photos but I sincerely thank everyone that came!!! Love ya!!

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