Baby Rachelle is 2 months old

time sure passes fast and Rachelle is 2 months old… still dun really smile but she is responding more when we play and talks to her…. still a grumpy baby and she seldoms nap… Baby, grow up well and healthy!!


What motherhood meant to me

Motherhood means:

Lack of sleep
No me time
No time to pee / poo
Bathing at 7am and 11pm
Irregular meal time
Terrible skin due to lack of sleep
Aching arms
Level of irritation increases
Starts to doubt self level of patient

But all the above negative vibes are gone when i see her smile!!

First Few Baby Items

Went Takashimaya Baby Fair 2013 just now with the husband and am kinda lost cos i also do not really know what to start with. I went with the mind to get the Philip Avent Sterilizer Set at $199 and maybe check out the breastpump set.

I should say I am super disipline as I really just bought the set and additional 3 small items, 2 cute roamper and a sprout husk pillow. Wanted to ask more information on the breastpump but the SA of Philip Avent looks blur and unsure. Nvm, tt can wait a bit.

Pink is my choice and blue is the husband’s

Lastly, a gift for myself… .