Miss Pink

Went to Compasspoint yesterday evening for dinner and to check out my want of a netbook….

Best was having a promo for the Samsung N150 netbook at $419 and there goes my plastic!!

Meet Miss Pink!!

Goona need this for some serious planning which I will blog more about it when the time is right…. Meanwhile, Miss Pink shall aid me in my wedding planning…..

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Nano Block

I am in a sort of nano block craze ever since i saw it at NTUC Xtra some times ago….
They work the same way as Lego just that they are less than a fraction of the usual lego size…
As per my previous entry, i bought 2 packs but i hasn’t started it yet…
i am so excited to try…. 

The above pictures are taken from http://shibuya246.com/2009/11/06/nano-block/ 
Don’t you think they look so Kawai??
I think i am going to explore more if this is going to be fun…