Thank You My Fat Pocket

Join My Fat Pocket Giveaway Bestfriend Edition and guess what? I’ve won the Mulberry Bayswater!! SaSa was very good to have sponsored $1000 worth of skincare too!


Went Jurong Point for the collection today! Forgot to snap photos cos I was suffering from serious motion sickness…. shall do a post when the official photos and videos are out!

Thank you My Fat Pocket and SaSa!


Small Buy

Went AMK hub to get my Harmony Cleanser changed for the Harmony Soak Off as the blur me click wrongly on Gmart and seller is super nice to agree for exchange. โ†–(^ω^)โ†—

I really hate going to Watsons lately as I am never shop peacefully. There are simply too many SA standing around and they are like wooden blocks blocking my views… just like just now i needed to get the Loreal YC serum, the SA is blocking me cos she is busy looking into the mirror!! And another two from dunno what brands are busy chatting and singing, YES!! Singing! Really WTF! ~(*+๏น+*)~

So i headed to NTUC instead….

I am a very very good girl! Only got what i needed (^O^)

Biore Cleansing Gel: My current ones are finishing, maybe another 4 usage. Lately i no longer apply BB cream or foundation, just sunscreen and translucent powder so I guess the above will work just fine… I love the Hongkong version one and I hope this will work the same. **Light MU is only face, my eyes are still lined and mascaraed!! And I use my HG Bifesta eye MU remover.

Loreal YC Pre-Serum: No need to say much as this is like my 3rd or 4th bottle… Can't remember. Love it!

Bioessence Snail Serum: Beem waiting to try this for sometime and my Naruko one os finishing so it's a good chance to try it. If it's good, I will get the cream too once my SKll finishes.


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Naruko Raw Job’s Tears Lotion and Serum

Right! Read my Raw Job’s Tears Toner review before starting on this would be helpful as it is a continuation ๐Ÿ™‚

Giving credits to apart from the reviews, most informations and photos are taken from the website. Do click on the links and it will being you to the website.

From Left: Toner, Milk Lotion and Serum

Raw Job’s Tears Lotion

Picture taken from

How this product fare?
It is being label as the The Whitening Appetizer for the skin. The milky lotion whitens the skin, prevents the forming of melanin and hydrates the skin. Sounds amazing for something that only cost SGD 24.90. This lotion is being meant to be used before serum after toner as it claims that the allows active ingredients to work their best. Rememberย in the toner review post I mention not to dump the cotton pad away? I use it for application of the lotion.

I would pour about a 20cents coin amount on the cotton pad that is already soaked with the toner (use the other side that is clean) and apply the lotion to my face in circular motion avoiding the eye area. I would also follow the steps as mention to press the cotton pad lightly against the pore areas. Upon finishing, i would lightly pat the whole face with my fingertip to make sure that the lotion is being absorbed into my skin. Love the non sticky feeling.
*Do not throw the cotton pad away yet!!!! Remember to also swipe on the neck area!!*

Raw Job’s Tears Serum

Picture taken from

How this product fare?
The serum claims Instant Whitening!! I wouldn’t say that it is instant whitening but I do see the brightening effect upon application. I’ve tried the SKII Cellumination Serum and I must say that the 2 are on par!! Sounds amazing huh? SGD28.90 VS SGD199… The SKII Cellumination Serum contains Mica whereas the Naruko Raw Job’s Tears Serum doesn’t. So the latter wins for all I cam say.

Back to my thoughts on the serum.
I usually use 2 pumps on this serum on my whole face and as per the instructions stated on the picture, I do follow step 3 daily, every morning. I love how lightly scented this serum is, or should I say that there is only a very little hint of organic barley scent. The serum absorbs fast into the skin leaving it glowly and smooth. I did not follow by a moisturizer as I am unable to purchase the Morning Yogurt, think they discontinued it.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the Naruko Raw Job’s Tears series as I’ve notice that skin is brighten, the spots on my cheekbone areas does lightens a little and skin is hydrated throughout the day even with the terrible office aircon. I now seldoms apply bb cream, foundation of 2 way cake when I makeup, instead it’s just suncream, a bit of concealer and loose powder as base. Skin is indeed soooooo much better. Do note that this is only my day skin routine as my night is still the SKII lotion, FTE, Loreal YC Pre-Serum and SKII Skin Singature Cream.

All the 3 products areย on my repurchase list!

Next, I want to try the below Naruko products!!
AppleSeed Series
Narcissus Series
Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Jelly Lotion

OKAY!! I need reommendation for a good eyecream to remove fine lines and dark circles… anyone please?

Naruko Raw Job’s Tears Toner

I've been trying out the Naruko Raw Job's Tears Toner, Lotion and Serum for the past 3 weeks and I think it should be time for a review ๐Ÿ™‚ Shall start with the Raw Job's Tears Toner
Giving credits to apart from the reviews, most informations and photos are taken from the website. Do click on the links and it will being you to the website.

From Left: Toner, Milk Lotion and Serum
Naruko is a brand that was started by the Skincare Guru Mr Niu-er, also know as Niu-er LaoShi (็‰›ๅ„ฟ่€ๅธˆ๏ผ‰
Click on the link for more information about the Guru, it will link you to the Naruko website ๐Ÿ™‚

Raw Job's tears contains more nutritons that the regular ones and I've seens an Youtube video that mentions for every 1000kg of red job's tears, they are only able to extract 1kg of essential oil which goes into the making of the serum ๐Ÿ™‚ WHOA! Sounds very impressing!
The Raw Job's Tears series uses a special technology calls Supercritical CO2 ExtractionTechnology that is able to preserve the complete active ingredient of the red job's tears.

Raw Job's Tears Toner

Picture taken from

How this product fare?
This toner is being label as the Key Of Whitening, meaning that is actuallys reset/prep the skin for the whitening magic that the raw job's tears series. Look at the active ingredients!!!! Love how natural Naruko products are!
I uses this product every morning after cleansing the skin, before the lotion and serum. Yes! Naruko products works from toner to lotion then to serum ๐Ÿ™‚
I usually pours the amount of about a 50cents coin on a cotton pad and i follow the steps as shown in the picture above.
I love how lightly scented the toner is and how refreshing the skin feels upon patting on. After patting, i will gently press the cotton against my pore areas to make sure that they are hydrated and also on my cheekbone area as I discover that spots are starting to form, BOO!
Just a note, do not throw away the cotton pad at this point! Use it for application of the lotion, I learnt it from the Naruko Youtube videos!

I sincerely believe that the toner works as I can see my face really brightens after 3 weeks of usage ๐Ÿ™‚
Of course, it works as I am using the full set… mmmmm… not full yet as they seems to have stop the Morning Yogurt and I can't find it at Watsons ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Saw on the website that there is a cream but I am afraid that it might be a little too rich for day usage so I skip it.

Will this be on my repurchase list: YES!!

*Stay tune for review on the Lotion and Serum, promise to get it up real sooonnnnn!!!


Went shopping with hubby at Takashimaya and I must say i love my Taka Vouchers! Thanks to my RMs and Boss…


Stock up my SKll FTE, gotten the $99 set again as upon calculation, it seems more worth it as it comes with a mask and a small bottle of lotion/toner… the Kose black mask is on a promo of buy one get one free… heh!


Hubby gotten a Timberland tee and a new card wallet….


And the best! Food!! Sashimi from Cold Storage, my pickled Korean dishes and a new found love, Mini One croissant…. 


No photos of my prizes…. just a snap of the yummy croissant….


Rosette Hello Kitty Facial Wash

Time for a short review of my current favourite facial wash!

SAM_0399 (600x800) (480x640)
The Rosette Hello Kitty Cleansing Wash!
I was first attracted to the Hello Kitty packaging when I was 'window' shopping at Watsons Hougang Point last year. Am so glad that I purchased it as I love the clean feeling it gives. Alternating this with some samples that SKII has given me, Garnier mineral black facial foam, AM/PM Washing Powder, I still very much prefer this.
This is my 4th tube to date and it is very affordable, at $12.90 each and tell me, who can resist such a cute packaging!!!

Love the light fruity scent of the wash. It contains very small scrub bits but it is gentle enough for daily usage.
Skin feels clean and no tight feeling upon washing off. I remember that there are another 3 more types at Watsons… Blue for Acne prone skin, Green for peeling wash and another Pink for Collagen boosting.

Go try it and hope you will like it as much as i do ๐Ÿ™‚

The Nature Lab Makeup Remover Serum

24 hours a day is not enough!!
This is the most common statement that we keep hearing day in day out and lotsa beauty companies are launching their 1 step makeup removing products…
I am a all time lover of Bifesta which used to be know as Cleansing Express….
A trip to Watsons a month ago brought me to a new product from The Nature Lab, made in Korea.

SAM_0401 (600x800)
There are a total of 3 types and I bought the whitening one.
Fairness is super important to me, ไธ€็™ฝ้ฎไธ‰ไธ‘….. 

 SAM_0402 (600x800)
The plus points of the product ๐Ÿ™‚

SAM_0406 (800x600)

The descripition sounds amazing though…
SAM_0404 (800x600)Ingredients if you are interested.
How this product fare?

Texture: Upon pumping, this serum is more gelish like, pearlish white color. I usually use 3 pumps for my full face. Upon massaging, this serum turns into liquid.
Scent: There isn't any scent to it.
Price: $14.90 for 200ml
Verdict: When I first started using this, it actually broke my forehead out a little but I continue using and the breakout stops. I like that fact that the cleansing is easy as one step is all i need but the removing power is not strong enough to remove my waterproof mascara completely. I would always have to follow up with my eye makeup remover from Bifesta/Biore. Upon washing off, skin is soft and no squeaking dry feeling. I tried the first 3 nights without doing a double wash but I felt that skin is not clean enough. (maybe that's why it broke me out?) I went back to my double cleanse routine after i saw the little bumps and skin is back to normal. After about 3 weeks of usage, i do notice that skin seems to be fairer / brighter but ain't sure if it's just the lighting effects, mental thinking or the product is really working. Comparing this with Bifesta, i prefer the latter as it did a better job. Not going to repurchase this after i am done with it.