What I adore now….

Made a little change to my skincare routine some time last month and I am loving it…

I have been a SKII FTE user since I was about 23years old but I stopped last Dec as I wanted to make some changes and it was the start of my nightmare! Breakouts and peeling skin haunted me!! 😦

Last month, I bought the SKII trial set and I am so glad I started it. So here's my daily routine:

Cleanser: Hello Kitty Facial Wash / AMPM Wash Powder
I do not really like the AMPM Wash Powder but it's a GWP so I'm gonna complete it… The Hello Kitty Wash is my 2nd time using… I love the clean feeling!! I am forever changing my facial wash… Just complete the Biore Marshmallow Foam….
Toner: SKII
This toner actually contains AHA and it preps my skin for the FTE. I've completed a 40ml trial bottle….
Love this to the max!!!
It actually helps the skin to restore its youthfulness… Dunno what to write in words but I love the way my skin shine! 🙂
Am also trying the SKII Cellumination Serum that SA pass me… This is one expensive serum that I can't bear to purchase….
Moisturizer: SKII Skin Signature in the daytime. Notice that it's a small sample bottle? The SA was very nice to let me try out first…. I love the fact that it's non-oily and skin is soft and hydrated…. Just gotten the full size today…
SKII Cellumination Deep Surge in the night time as this has a slightly more oily feel on my skin. I love that skin is not tight in the morning when I wake up. Notice that the size is also a smaller one? The SA gave me
A sample to try and I like it… Went to Best World Beauty, a online store, and purchase the 15g to try out more as I did't really adore the oiliness…. Think I will not repurchase this after I finish….
Neck Cream: Notice the Bio-Essence Facial lifting cream… it's a little too rich for me so I use it on my neck 🙂 

The small EL is my current night eyecare but I will be switch to try out the SKII Signature Eye Cream soon as the SA pass me some today :))

My loot today :))
I am a happy girl!!

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The love for great skin!!

I finally understand why is my skin forever so cranky for the past 8 months!!!
It is due to I stop using my SKII FTE!!

So I went downstairs from work just now and gotten a gift for myself!

The trial set!!

Super worth!! $99 for a FTE, Toner and 1pcs of the HG mask!!!

Say Hello to great skin!!

The usual price for the 75ml is already $99 so now with the trial set, I must say it is a super great offer!!!!

I previously always get the 150ml one as it’s more worth the price but the trial set is toooooo tempting….

Till later!!

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My night skin routine lately

With my ever growing collection of skincare, you must be wondering how am o going to finish off all of it… Well, I admit that I do hand some to my mama and lill sis at times…
Tonight, I am going to share what is my night routine lately… Due to the haze we are getting, I am sick and being forced to stay on antibotics that makes my skin super dehydrated. Being a skincare freak and noticing the damage done, it’s SOS time!
For the past 3 days, I’ve been using DHC cleansing soap sample that Watsons Glow magazine has sent to me and I am loving it! It’s leaves m y skin squeky skin yet not tight and dry… I am thinking of getting the retail size but due to Singapore doesn’t sell the soap box, I am holding back cos it’s impossible to fit the soap into a normal soap box…

Answering to my skin’s need, I pat a generous amount of SK2 facial treatment essence onto my whole face including the eye area.

Next, Loreal Revitalift double eye lift to my aging eyes and I am loving this product since I bought it last month… But not in the day as it seems a bit rich causing my eye makeup to run….

Hyaluronic acid serum from TFS and I have been using this for the past 2 years and this is super super good for dehydrated skin. Lately I hasn’t seen this around the shop but I hope that they have not DC this item. I normally use about 1 full pump on the whole face excluding my eye area and it really helps to lock in the skin’s moisture.

The Rojukiss pore tightening source that I’ve won from is the next baby for the night… I use about 2 drops onto the nose and cheeks where pores are visible and this stuff works but only if u use it faithfully. I only find that the price tag to this a bit steep, $59.90 @ Watsons.

Finally to moisturizer, SK2 Aqua Physics cream gel to end my dehydrated skin SOS and this cream gel is light weight but it leaves a layer of smooth film on my face.

Must be thinking why is this here?? Well, it was a impluse buy thus this is my night neck cream as my face is always too fair…

The above are just some products that works for me but do bear in mind that everyone’s skin has different need so please only use products that suits your skin’s need and not just from people’s recommendation….

That’s all, have a lovely night!

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Tested and The SCB Marathon

Finally the papers are over!! Yeah, stress free till April 2008. Yesterday night tested my new toy on BF and saw a bit of redness…. Well, i tested the Ionic Facial Massager just now and here’s my review:

Using the negative (-) ions, i switch it to high as i felt nothing at the preset medium. I wet the cotton with one of my facial mist and worked the massager over my whole face. Felt a bit of heat and looking into the mirror, the areas that the massager moved over, there will be hints of redness, good…. i think so. The whole process took me 20 mins, 10mins on each side. Use a total of 2 cottons and whoa, the cotton is dirty. It’s a pity that i did not take any photos.

Using the positive (+) ions, i apply my SKll Aqua Physics Serum directly onto my face and moved the massager. OUCH! it sting badly cos i switch it to high, a note to know that the instructions given was to have a piece of damp cotton or cloth over over the ‘head’ but with my past experience as a beautician, i know that it’s ok to use it directly onto the skin area when using positive (+) ions. Please do not try this if you are unsure as i will not be responsible. i switched it to low and continue the full process of another 20 mins.

results: i am kinda satisfied with my new toy as it is value for a SGD 24.90 toy. the 2 sides of my cheeks feels smooth and i think that with the aid of my toy, the serum penetration is better. i will continue to use this for twice a week and see if after one month, any changes to my complexion. the only thing that i do not like about my toy is that the preset time is 5 mins and i have to on the device again after every 5 minutes. There is no way i can change it, haiz!!

This is my number for the SCB marathon 10 km run on 7th December 2008… i am in deep sh*t as i did no training at all…  

on the happier side, i will be going to JB for some seafood tomorrow and hopefully i am able to grab some nice cheap makeups and skincares!!