Rachelle New Pram

I bought a Maclaren Triumph Stroller when BabyR was still in my womb (oh I miss my bump) and being an inexperience FTM, I just bought whatever was recommended to me by the guy. Very wrong on my part as I should have done some researches too.


This is BabyR in her stroller and it always seems that she is feeling uncomfortable as it cannot be fully reclined so I always bring her put in carriee which she can sleep too.

We went for a short walk yesterday and my cousin sinseh went to touch her spine and told me it is super bad for her spine and she is resting in an awkward position so we went to shop for another one. A gift from her (very paisei but it’s a Xmas gift) and I have decides not to get a too expensive one as when BabyR reaches the toddler stage, I can always switch back to the Maclaren one when it gets faulty… 🙂


Tried her on a few so we ended up getting this Goodbaby one at $207 after a 20% discount. Shopped her around in this and this is the very first time I see her falling asleep in a pram 🙂 I am a bad bad mummy…


The Maclaren one became my shopping trolley yesterday… did some good cleaning and it’s into a plastic and to the storeroom… anyone happen to be interested to get a prelove can email me….

Shall blog again soon about the Beaba BabyCook Solo I bought after I give it a try soon.

I am doing some microblog at dayre.me/enonpoh


Small Buy

Went AMK hub to get my Harmony Cleanser changed for the Harmony Soak Off as the blur me click wrongly on Gmart and seller is super nice to agree for exchange. ↖(^ω^)↗

I really hate going to Watsons lately as I am never shop peacefully. There are simply too many SA standing around and they are like wooden blocks blocking my views… just like just now i needed to get the Loreal YC serum, the SA is blocking me cos she is busy looking into the mirror!! And another two from dunno what brands are busy chatting and singing, YES!! Singing! Really WTF! ~(*+īš+*)~

So i headed to NTUC instead….

I am a very very good girl! Only got what i needed (^O^)

Biore Cleansing Gel: My current ones are finishing, maybe another 4 usage. Lately i no longer apply BB cream or foundation, just sunscreen and translucent powder so I guess the above will work just fine… I love the Hongkong version one and I hope this will work the same. **Light MU is only face, my eyes are still lined and mascaraed!! And I use my HG Bifesta eye MU remover.

Loreal YC Pre-Serum: No need to say much as this is like my 3rd or 4th bottle… Can't remember. Love it!

Bioessence Snail Serum: Beem waiting to try this for sometime and my Naruko one os finishing so it's a good chance to try it. If it's good, I will get the cream too once my SKll finishes.


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Eye Cream and Lip Drops

Went upstairs to replenish the husband and my shampoo but I score myself 2 new ZA lip drops and a HadaLabo eyecream… (^O^)Have been wanting to get a new eyecream as mine finish a week ago… Yes! i was eyecreamless for 7days!! Ewwwww!!
Hope this is good as it's OSS at a few Watsons.branches…

My ZA Lip Drops in 05Totally Cute and 09Love Letter… Retailing at SGD 11.90 each and Watsons is having a 20% off now!

Ingredient if you are interested…

The top 2 swatch are the ones I purchase… Love the gold glitter in 05Totally cute!

It's a GREAT Monday!! ♥y^o^y


Went shopping with hubby at Takashimaya and I must say i love my Taka Vouchers! Thanks to my RMs and Boss…


Stock up my SKll FTE, gotten the $99 set again as upon calculation, it seems more worth it as it comes with a mask and a small bottle of lotion/toner… the Kose black mask is on a promo of buy one get one free… heh!


Hubby gotten a Timberland tee and a new card wallet….


And the best! Food!! Sashimi from Cold Storage, my pickled Korean dishes and a new found love, Mini One croissant…. 


No photos of my prizes…. just a snap of the yummy croissant….


Happy Shopping

Made my way to NEX Watsons after work cos I needed to purchase a serum after my SKll serum is finishing…. well, don’t intend to re-purchase as I am giving my skin a break…. But the FTE is a must….

The loots! Total damage? $80++++


there is even a GWP!

A Vanitytrove package full of samples!!


Review in a month or so for the Naruko as it’s for my day usage…. Night is still SKll!!


till later!

Welcoming Asus K43S Pink to the Family

Yup… decided on the Asus K43S after the salesman from HM recommended and it was quite a steal….
$899 with lotsa of freebies being thrown in 😀
As usual, PINK is forever my choice 😀
I have a Pink Samsung Netbook too which the Hub is currently using 😀
My wallpaper

ending the super short post with a funny photo of Noona…

promise that you will see more updates!!!!

A needed mask haul

Went to GP for a check just now cos the Miss Red visit has been super terrible for the past 2 months… Visited me total of 4X!!!! Something is wrong!!

The GP told me nothing he can do cos I need to go to a Gynea for a scan or blood test to know what exactly happen… But he also mention that there might be cyst… OMG!!

Gonna make an appointment tomolo cos the gynae was out just now đŸ˜Ļ

Tada!! Something to cheer myself up from Watsons!!! I am a super frequent user of sheet masks and I love them!!!

Ingredients if u are interested!!!

Another one!!

This is how I store my sheet masks and sleeping masks!!

Ending the post with Noona!!

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