What I Wish For in 2013

Happy to have some of the Resolutions 2012 fulfill and here are the simple ones for 2013!

♥ To deliver a healthy baby
♥ To stay happy and positive
♥ To earn the promotion title that has been pending
♥ To spend more time with the family
♥ To solve my trust issues
♥ To take things easier and stop bearing unnecessary negative thinkings

Hope 2013 will be a beautiful one


What I Wish For In 2012

Fulfill some resolutions in 2011 and I must really say that I had a fruitful year!
So here it is:

Realistic dreams!!!!!!

To be happy!
♥To Stay Healthy
To Have a Baby
♥Complete all installment plans and make sure no additional
Complete all the makeup and skincare stuff – Somehow
Stop my ‘anyhow’ buy habbit
♥To get a fatter pay check
To appreciate family more

Simple wish means that i will stay happy!!!!

Resolution 2011

It is sooooooo fake of me to write a resolution for Year 2011 given the fact that almost nothing was being fulfilled in 2010, OPPS!!

But for 2011, I am 100% sure that some of it will be fulfilled as I am going to set more realistics ones *_____*
So, the list goes as it is:

Wedding on 28th May 2011 – Fulfill!
Move to Ponggol Lodge home latest by June 2011 Fulfill!
♥ To lose the hanging fats on my body – Lose 10Kg
Go back to the banking industry Fulfill! Start 17Jan'11
♥ Must be money wise as a new home needs planning
♥ To travel to BKK, HK and Korea if it's safe enough
♥ To save at least $100 monthly apart from the current savings

Think that's about it and hopefully I will be able to do it! 🙂

Wishlist? Resolutions? Goals? 2010

So it’s the time of the year again to set resolution for the following year and I hope that I will be able to achieve.
I shall tell myself to set realistic resolutions rather than empty promises every year. I am not sure if the following is counted as goals or wishlists or resolutions but still, here it goes:

The Dream Job that I am praying hard for – Starting 05th April 2010 – Changing again June 2010, Relationship Manager at CornerStone Wines
♥Wedding in 18th Sept 2010 – Pending, changed to 2011 as it is the tiger year…..
♥Moved into Ponggol Lodge
♥Weight to be back at 48kg by June 2010
♥Savings monthly apart from the savings plan
Grow hair to be at waist length – Impossible cos cut a China Doll head on 03 May 2010
♥Be happy emotionally by stop the crazy thoughts – Fulfilled!!!
♥Hello Kitty Limited Edition Pandant from Poh Heng in 18k gold – Didn’t really like it after going to the shop

**Shall add more during the year