Reno updates again!!!

Love the TV featured wall!!!!!

They did some parts wrong the other time and had it retified!!!! I love it!!

Front view…..

Book shelf rectified also…. Addition row to make it all the way to the ceiling….

MBR toilet mirror up….

Think we are almost done…. Furniture will be here on the 2nd and I will officially be moving in on the 10th Sept!!!!!

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Renovation updates

Finally I am blogging about the renovation updates, work has been so busy that the photos in my camera are rotting…..

Hub and my contractor Vincent. So the raw furnitures looks like this and i have a sudden urge that my living room is so so so small!!   
 More raw materials and this shall be my wardrobe…..   
Went to did some light sighting…. Hub and i only wanted to check out a few shops and take down the prices before deciding but upon our 3rd shop, we bought everything we need from there. From the picture above already shows that they have special lightings and hey, a lot are being handmade and imported from Italy.  Love the cute crystal light and it’s for the MBR!! Back to the home about 1.5 weeks later and lotsa changes!!  Let the pictures do the talking! 
My shoerack!!!!! The contractor is a bit ‘kuku’ to have the drawer below the chair as it is impossible to put anything in. This is due to the drawer height is the same as the space. i dunno how to put in words but it just plain stupidness!   
Can’t wait to have it filled up with my heels!    
Contractor did this wrongly also… the bookshelf is suppose to go all the way up to the ceiling but they missed out one ‘level’…. Gonna do the talking on tuesday and hopefully i will be able to get discount off it. I can be real nasty once fault is at you!! But overall i am still happy with it!

Favourite area as all skincares will be kept here…. am still waiting for the mirror to be up….

I will upload more in another post as my pinky netbook is really SSSSSLLLLLOOOOOWWWW in uploading photos!!!!

Reno Starto!!

Finally with my wedding settle, it’s into my next step… The Home Sweet Home renovation….

Went for a visit just now and I see some little changes!!

Cardboard up!!

Kitchen cabinet base!!

Toilet curb!!

MBR toilet curb!

Light points shifted and additional points added!!

Contractor estimate that he needs just month to complete everything but I told him to go ahead and take 6 weeks to 8 weeks ba…. 🙂

Till later!!

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