The Delivery Day Again

Well so here’s the birth story for my 2nd born Raeanne Sim

Checked into MtA at 10plus in the morning for elective csec… Opt for GA but when the Doctor Yeo came and access that i was having flu and cough, she suggested epi csec. And note that even i had written as suggested, she wasn’t giving me a choice as she mentioned that baby and my safety was  more important than anything elses. She access my records in 2013 and was even more bend to make me take epi as there were records that they had a hard time locating my windpipe for the tubing 😦

I had insisted to speak to Dr Phua before deciding. Dr Phua mentioned that it will be a fast and safe operation so don’t worry. I remembered i tried to argue a bit further as i was very scared but was blocked by Dr Yeo’s “if you insist on GA, i will have to get you another doctor” FML!

Wheeled into the Operation Room 6 and everything just happened! Sit in place relax and a needle was poked into my hand for the drip without me getting ready. I remembered the nurses spoke to me and tried to distract me. Soon i was given 2 jabs in the spine and 1 2 3 4 5 i felt my lower body went zzzzzzz

Dr Phua asked if i could feel anything and there goes the cut and suction! “Where is the father? Where is the father?” That was the question posed as it was a last min decision to get epi csec they had to look for the Hubbz that was justoutside at the waiting area. Finally i saw him and i was so relief as i was so scared to be alone there. From the reflection of the OT lights, i could actually see my opened stomach FML! It was a scary sight yet I couldn’t peel my eyes away. 

The nurse and Dr Yeo stand above me and started pushing my tummy 1 2 3! 1 2 3! And Raeanne is out!!!! 

Thank God we are both safe and sound 🙂