Belated gift from Angel

i love packages and this really make my day after a loooooooong day of bull***t….


tada!! ヽ(^。^)ノ thanks you


Will blog more over the weekend!!



A package cheer me up from Kimoko!! Thank you!!
I needed one after so many sad events lately!!

I actually tag to her orders from for the EOS balm and this angel didn’t collect payment and she included loads of samples!!

Once again!! TQ!

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Thank You Kimoko

This is my thank you post to !!!! She has been extremely sweet to have sent me a big package to brighten up my week!!!! Although we never met before but she is a friend that I’ve gotten to know from LJ…..

See the package from her!!!!
She always have nice angels sending her gifts and products to try and she did mention that she will be my angel when I ask why I have no angel some time ago….

See the contents!!!!!! Whoa!!!! I’ve asked her to help me CP the Biore makeup remover from HongKong and she sent me a surprise package!!!! Thanks Dear!!!! This package is really a BIG BIG surprise!!!! And she didn’t even want to receive payment for the makeup remover!!!!! Love ya!!!!

The item that I requested!!! Gonna use this!!! This used to have in Singapore very loooong time ago cos I remembered using it… Think is like 3 to 4 years ago but am not sure why it stop…. Or did I mixed it up with something….. Mmmmm…. Can’t remember….

OMG!!! Benefit lip gloss!!!!

The colour code….

One mineral ES, one Mascara sample and another gloss!!

My fav brand makeup remover wipes!!

Sheet mask!!!! MBD has the best sheet masks!!! Value for money and the strawberry yogurt seems to have stop?! Love love love!! And one whitening sheet mask from Heme!! Something which I’ve been wanting to try but find it a little expensive!!

Jelly beans handcream!!! Yummy!!! , what is the L brand thingy? Base or foundation??? Hees….

Rojukiss samples!!!! Great!!! I wanna try to lighten the spots I have!!!!

Whitening mask for my spots!!!!

I am indeed a happy girl!!!!! Thanks !!!!

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Friendship do exist even online

I tumble upon blog in 2008 when I was searching for bb cream information. Now after 2 years, we are like friends although we never met before. I am not sure about what she thinks but I am glad to know her through LJ.
Noted that she will be relocating to another country to work next month and I am kinda 不舍得 this online friend of mine as I know I will not be able to read her reviews on product that can be found I’m Singapore….
But nevertheless, I still wishes her all the best on her new career move and 闯出一番事业!

package to me as I’ve gotten her to CP a Hello Kitty mascara for me!!

Isn’t this lovely? This came in time as my current is reaching 3 months soon…. My fetish to change mascara no more than 4 months upon opening.
Notice the pink tube beside it? Well, that is the Bio-Essence Allergy Soothiing Essence that I’ve claimed from The Sample store and I am soooooo excited to try it out!!

See the lovely bubble wrap!!

TaDa!! , you shouldn’t have!! That’s a lot!! PS: the peel has been snatch by my mother.

See the lovely Pure Luxe ES!!!
Thanks !!

Monoplay loose powder….

Once again, thank you and we keep in touch k?

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Thank you

Thank you  for sending me a package for my birthday….. I actually gotten her to CP a Daiso ES for me when she went for her Malaysia roadtrip and she sent it to me together with some other loveies… I love the pigments of the ES…. refer to her blog for more infomation on the ES and lotsa lovely reviews….

The package!

Love from Kimmy

Gotten my package with and as usual… Freebies surprise!!

What a good cheer up after a day of hard work!!

Bought stocking for work and mascara but am still owing the mascara payment cos I had forgotten all about it… Kimmy, will make payment once u confirm the amount….

Sample love but most pro will wait till my breakouts clear up!!

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