Vaccination again

Brought Rachelle for her 3rd 5-1 and penu jab and I must really praise her… min crying… just eh eh eh and she started smiling at the nurses… last kab of hepB next month and we are done for a jab break…

Went for PD ro check the so called headlag which I don’t think she has… and she is all cleared…


On the way there where she is still unaware…. hee hee… evil mum laughing…


After the jab still all cherry… shoo fever shoo pls!!


She starts to notice more of Noona… love them both to bits!!


Totally Lazy

I blame it on being pregnant for not updating my blog. OOPS!!
Am just to tired after the daily buzz at work and weekends are spend washing clothes, playing with Noona and sleeping.

Am 26 weeks plus pregnant now and just another 13 weeks, Baby Rachelle will be in my arms.
Yes, her name is Rachelle. Decided on her name after we gotten to know the gender as we wanted to have a name to address her whenever we make small talks πŸ™‚
The 2nd trimester has been a breeze as compared to the frist 14 weeks which I puked like mad and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the puking doesn’t returned during the 3rd trimester.

Had initially planned for a short BKK trip during the 2nd trimester but Dr Phua say NO 😦
I really cannot remember when was my last trip…. most probably is 4 years ago when I’ve just gotten Noona into our lives.
Speaking of Noona, she is turning 4 years old this Friday and I am loving her to bits.\
Sometimes I get very upset whenever people tells me to get rid of Noona after Rachelle is born.
Comeon, Noona is my family and I am sure no one get rids of family members right.
Some suggested to send Noona back to my parents and I am just wondering what is the difference of passing her to my parents and abandoning her….
I just got to learn to take all suggestions with a pinch of salt as I know that they meant well too, just that they are not thinking from my view. πŸ™‚

I’ve recently switch my skincare from SKII to Albion and I am loving it…. been only at it for 2 weeks plus.
Will do a review soon I promise…



nv posted photos of Noona for quite some time… these are the shots from Instagram…. do follow me @enon_enen as i post more frequently there…

being caught in the act of biting my rubberband…. heh!!





Wearing the hub’s UV scarf!

Taxi ride to the vet for vaccination

Sleep time



Love her loads!

I love long weekends

Don't you love hoildays that falls on Sunday? I DO!!
Cos it means staying away from the stressful office for 3 days and no Monday early meeting blues!!

Started the Satuday bathing Noona and fetching her to Clinic For Pets at Paya Lebar for her annual vaccination πŸ™‚
Think Noona got a shock as this is her 1st time in 3.5years going to the vet alone without her siblings…
It was such a funny sight to see her shivering on my lap while waiting for her turn…. heh heh…
Vaccination done and Noona is in super good shape… just overweight…. LOL!!

Finish off the night with a dinner at Punggol Plaza…
Love my sashimi…. Thanks to the husband….
Rub tum tum….

Gonna spend some quality time with them now….
Everyone… enjoy the long weekend!!!

The monster!!

I am have a little destroyer at home!!
Tried leaving Noona home alone to let her get used to it and I discover the destroyer in her!
She manage to hit her bottle out of the baby gate and there she is waterless!!
Lucky I am on AL so she is only being left at home for about 2 to 3 hours… Am slowly increasing the time that she is being alone in her room….

Went to Compasspoint just now and got her this!! Cost me $130 plus but at least this ensures that she won’t be able to hit the water bottle out of place….
Really dun understand the tiny brain….
I am so worried but I think I should get used to the idea of Noona being alone… Afterall, she is a pet and I got to work….

See the poor little darling all teary!! It breaks my heart but what to do? I can’t possibly quit my job and be a stay home beauty tech!! How much makeup and nails can I do to ensure that I cam have a stable life…. Haiz!!

The happy face that greets me when I am home!!

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