Bonjour nails

I am all so ready for tomorrow’s photoshoot with my gelish french!!!!!!

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Happy Chinese New Year

This is the last year that I am spending my CNY single and hopefully it will be lots of fun! Bought Makguli aka Korean Rice wine for the dinner later.

This year I didn’t bother to even go shop for CNY clothes cos I’ve bought quite a fair bit of work dress…. But miscalculation!!! My mummy insisted that I bring Noona along for visit so all dresses are OUT! Think I just got to dress nicely and wisely….

Gelish nails for CNY…..

Noona with her cheongsam all ready!!!!!!

Happy CNY!!!!!!

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Bling it!!

Went to Far East Plaza with the intention to have my lashes extended but gave the idea up as I am so afraid to lose my natural ones….
Soooooo I ended up with gel nails!

No extension, just overlay my nails! Cost is $40 and additional $10 for the ribbons…. The photo is not doing any justice to the Bling….

Went to OCBC to get the paper work done to invest my CPF so that my new home won’t suck the full amount off… BF claimed that this is to protect me in case I lose my job….
No keys collection as I apply for grant to collect the keys without ROM cert and most pro need to wait another 2 weeks….
Please let the 2 weeks come soon!

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After school

Had a lousy week but I always manage to find ways to cheer myself up!

Started my Korean lesson at NUS Extension at Park Mall on 02092010!

Shop at Plaza Singapura’s Étude House after my Korean lesson and I came out a happy gal!

Gotten some random stuff and I finally join as member!!
The peeling foam smells very berries and I couldn’t resist getting it!!

My favorite item of the day!
It cost me $23.90.
The bristle are soft and doesn’t shed.

I also love the fact that this could be so compact to bring along in my pouch!

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