The Delivery Day Again

Well so here’s the birth story for my 2nd born Raeanne Sim

Checked into MtA at 10plus in the morning for elective csec… Opt for GA but when the Doctor Yeo came and access that i was having flu and cough, she suggested epi csec. And note that even i had written as suggested, she wasn’t giving me a choice as she mentioned that baby and my safety was  more important than anything elses. She access my records in 2013 and was even more bend to make me take epi as there were records that they had a hard time locating my windpipe for the tubing 😦

I had insisted to speak to Dr Phua before deciding. Dr Phua mentioned that it will be a fast and safe operation so don’t worry. I remembered i tried to argue a bit further as i was very scared but was blocked by Dr Yeo’s “if you insist on GA, i will have to get you another doctor” FML!

Wheeled into the Operation Room 6 and everything just happened! Sit in place relax and a needle was poked into my hand for the drip without me getting ready. I remembered the nurses spoke to me and tried to distract me. Soon i was given 2 jabs in the spine and 1 2 3 4 5 i felt my lower body went zzzzzzz

Dr Phua asked if i could feel anything and there goes the cut and suction! “Where is the father? Where is the father?” That was the question posed as it was a last min decision to get epi csec they had to look for the Hubbz that was justoutside at the waiting area. Finally i saw him and i was so relief as i was so scared to be alone there. From the reflection of the OT lights, i could actually see my opened stomach FML! It was a scary sight yet I couldn’t peel my eyes away. 

The nurse and Dr Yeo stand above me and started pushing my tummy 1 2 3! 1 2 3! And Raeanne is out!!!! 

Thank God we are both safe and sound 🙂


Hospital Bag

The real countdown begin and here’s my hospbag! 

People keep saying that this looks kuazhang but I feel is ok leh! Essential leh! From top left: Maternity Pad, Wet wipes, Breast Pads, Eye Hot Mask for nights, Sanitizer wipes samples, Shampoo, Body Foam, HandCream (ok maybe no need but the air is so dry), LipBalm, Cleansing Water in case i am not allow off bed for 1st night, Facial Foam, Moisturizer and Facial Mist… very very basic items right????

Toy gift from R2 to R1, disposable panties, Set of Go Home Clothes for R2, Jacket and socks, Bra below, A set of Go Home Clothes for myself…

Mmmm now tell me very over meh? 

To my FirstBorn

To my firstborn:

I still remember the 1st time we met and it was love at first sight. Never knew that I will feel the sparkles in my heart popping to someone that I have just met for the 1st time. The awwww of the cute button nose to the pout that you have when you are tired and even the cries you gave now seems so cute! The growing up phrase that we had spent together made me a better person and I am so glad that you are the one that made me a mother. The constant laughter that you have brought into our lives made me very thankful that I has chosen motherhood. Mummy might always be the ‘bad’ one at home but please know that I love you so dearly! In another 7 days, lill sis Raeanne will be joining us to love you and I am sure that you will also love her dearly. Rest assured that Daddy and Mummy will continue to love you the same as we parents are amazing that we are able to grow more love to love our children.

Thank you Rachelle Dear

Happy Birthday Rachelle

Has it been a year! Whoa!
Time is passing way way way tooooooo fast… where is the little crying bundle?

This 1 year I’ve discovered another side of me… never I knew that my body is able to  adjust to those terrible sleep hours but for the sake of you, I was able to. I never knew that i could cook but because of you, I’ve learnt to cook babymeals!

I’ve also learnt to be more responsible more moneywise and more patient. Beinh a mother now, I’ve learnt to take better care of my own body cos I know I can not longer afford to fall sick as you need me more than anyone elses in this world (at this moment lah).

Thank you for the joys, laughters, fun, love, tears and many more emotions that you have brought to the family and thank you for coming into Mama and Papa lives.

We love you so much!
Happy 1yo Birthday Baby Rachelle!

6 Months

18th January 2014

6 months ago I was overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking care of a new life and now I am a professional Mummy.

6 months ago I am super lost whenever you cry but now I am numb and I can easily know what you are fussing for.

6 months ago I realised that I can fall in love with a stranger completely.

6 months ago I was baby bluez but now I am a Happy Mummy.

6 months ago you were just a tiny bub but now you have started crawling 2 days ago!

Happy 6months Rachelle!!

Vaccination again

Brought Rachelle for her 3rd 5-1 and penu jab and I must really praise her… min crying… just eh eh eh and she started smiling at the nurses… last kab of hepB next month and we are done for a jab break…

Went for PD ro check the so called headlag which I don’t think she has… and she is all cleared…


On the way there where she is still unaware…. hee hee… evil mum laughing…


After the jab still all cherry… shoo fever shoo pls!!


She starts to notice more of Noona… love them both to bits!!

Rachelle Growing Up

Brought BabyR to her 2nd 5-1 vaccination and Rotaix last Friday and I must say it wasn’t as smooth as the last time. She cried so hard while feeding her the rotaix and i was wondering if it really taste that bad but this BabyR is also super funny lah, dispite crying she still swallow every mouthful of the medication. The 5-1 jab was worse, she did some high pitch screaming as compared to the previous time 😦  The funny part is when i brought her over to the PD room she was all smiles again.

Took her weight at 7.5kg for a 4mth plus baby is whoa i should say as her playmates are mostly 6kh plus except for some heavt weight ones… lol Check with PD if i am able to start her on cereal at 5mths and was rejected on the spot, he even mentioned to only start puree once BabyR hits 6mths. But i don’t care cos i feel that BabyR is very ready for weaning so i willintro puree very very soon.

The nights after the vaccination was very tiring as she was having a yoyo fever of 37.6-38 😦 no worries as she is all cheeful and now she has recover with a stronger body.

Now that she seems to have grown up a little as she is dropping off her 12am dreamfeed. she refuses to drink and PD says it’s ok so long she is gaining weight so yay to one less waking moments for me.

Missing her loads ♥