Welcome of the ‘Water Snake’ Year

So in a blink, we are at the 5th day of CNY!!
The welcoming of the ‘water snake’ year is indeed a waterly one as it has been raining daily… 😦
Nothing much to post, just a recording of how time was passed!

Dinner was at DaGu house as usual and this year was rather a emotional year as it’s the first without cousin Tina whom we lost to cancer last year. Steamboat as usual and Meron perpared additional Korean BBQ meat along the corridor so i was outdoor for the whole night as I couldn’t eat seafood without scratching like mad during this pregnancy. Noona has a fun time visiting Missy, Max, FiFi and a newcomer Messi whom she hates! LOL.

Day 1
Hubby, Noona and me slept till 1pm and we proceed to Grandma’s house only at 4pm for the first visiting. Late I know but I usually have 2 homes to visit after God Grandma passed away 2 years ago. The aunties and uncle usually meet at the elder house and it makes visiting a breeze. Noona was dressed in her usual QiPao and she was so happy to be able to gai gai again.
After a short dinner, we proceed to DaGu house again for the actual day celebration and we had a fun time chit chating.
Pregnancy makes me tired more easily so I was home before 10pm.
It was TV till 3am as SCV was opening up most of the chinese movie channels….

Day 2
The family slept till 1pm again and the Hubby was off to Punggol Auntie Pond to ease his fishing itch!! Noona and me continue to laze as I know I had to keep my energy up for the night later at YK hse. We went to YK hse for dinner at about 7pm and gambled till 1am, lost $$ but it was a fun night catching up 🙂

Day 3
Spent the whole day at home as we were all too tired to move to anywhere. Miss Noona slept like a pig and only woke up for her meals. It was homecooked steam fish, stir fried sweet beans and steam egg for dinner. Love the cosy feel.

Day 4
Miss Noona was still so tired… i guess is she didn’t sleep properely as she kept following me around 🙂
Went to NEX with Hubby and had a late lunch at The Ship Restaurant. Meal was so so and I don’t think it is worth the money we paid for. Rib eye steak looks more like normal steak and taste was so so nia. Never will I want to eat there again 😦
Catch a movie The Grandmaster and the show is crap. The 3 years spent making the show is simply a waste of time 😦
Overall it was a lovely two of us time spent…
Oh ya…. gottan a Naruko Magnolia Night Jelly to kill the pregnancy freckles and a ZA Hydrating Toner 🙂

okie…. that’s about it and I am going to cook dinner soon 🙂
Shall enjoy my leave till 18th Feb!!!!


Still a IT Dumber

I had wanted to do a proper blog post with photos uploaded but i have no idea how to go about loading the pictures up without resizing it and still in perfect resolution for the blog!

Blame it on my laziness cos i have been uploading the pictures from the mobile for the past 2 years and have completely lost touch on how to do a proper blog post from the lappy….

Need a little more time to get my touch back… haha!!

Life Is So Fragile

Reading the news on the Ferrari that crash into a taxi and motorcycle on the internet and life is so fragile.
Sad for the fact that 2 innocent lives are being lost to one drunken driver.
Damn it! What was going on in the mind of the driver when he decides to speed through the red light?
Trying to show off to the 小三 that he has a super fast car and he is a super good driver.
Don’t ask me why I know is a小三 but thinking why would a common friend be in the car at this weird hour?
Why can’t people just think carefully before acting?
If that bastard driver would have just think for that 1 second, he wouldn’t have crashed into the taxi and causes the death of the other 2 innocent people.
The lives of these 2 people just ruined to one drunken bastard that wants to show off is really not worth.
Okay, enough ranting on my side.

RIP to the Japanese Tourist and The Taxi Driver

The Art & Craft

I am never a art & craft student thus when I was tasked by Boss to complete a ranking board, my mind went blank…. Oops!!

The raw materials….,

The first artwork that looks like kindergarten piece but I was a little satisfied….

After adding glitter trimmings….

This is the first name board I finished and it’s looks a little yucky…
Left it to dry but hiccups happens!!
Colleague left documents on top for me and OMG!! All got stucked and spoil my work… I was super upset but I guess everything happens for a reason…

Redo and I think I like this better… Notice my warning? “Do not touch, wet paint! You’ll be cursed!” haha!!

Close up…

The 80% finished work!! That’s all I can post cos remaining will be P&C!!

Till later… …

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This is life…

Call me petty but the recent pay increment make me a little upset. It was the same across the board for my platform given that we are all new joiners but the point is 3 of us are from the 1st batch. We started in January and the others only join after April and some even as late as August.

Nothing we can do or fight about but this is life. We are no friends of whosoever then just get the job done and work smart. Even the basic pay makes us upset too….

Work Smart and This is Life…

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