Hisamitsu Lifecella Eye Masks

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My current favourite eye masks : Lifecella Eye Mask
I first cae across these masks at Watsons Compasspoint when they were having a small sales but I didn't get them as an irritating auntie was squating and hogging the whole shelve to herself! Dafuq! So when I saw these masks again at Guardian i12 Katong, I told myself I had to grab them. WIth the additional 5% discount given when I flash my Shenton medical card, these masks cost me about $6 for a box of 5 pairs. Totally worth it!

Smooth, Firm and Radiant Skin
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Contains Collagen, Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin A that claims to brighten and firm up the eye contour areas.
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Ingredients if you are interested.
Lifted and Supple Eye Zone
SAM_0439 (480x640)
Contains Coenzyme Q10 and Squalane that claims to hydrate and lift up the eye contour areas. 
SAM_0439 (480x640)
Ingredients if you are interested.
Total Hydration
SAM_0436 (480x640)
Contains Ceramide and Trehalose for maximum hydration to the eye contour areas.
My Review:
My undereye area is quite dry from me spending more than 12 hours in a aircondition environment daily. The above masks really does hydrates my undereye and I love the cool feeling upon application. The gel like textured is a plus point as it make sure that the mask stays fitted to the eye area and i can walk, eat, read and watch TV without the fear of dropping the mask. 🙂 See? I can go on and on raving about the masks. But the gel textured is only for the Smooth, Firm and Radiant one. The other 2 are sheet masks that are super soaked with the serum and it simply felt like a 2nd skin on my face. Same, super secure and no need to afraid that it will slip off. The serum are sooooooo much that I apply them to my laugh lines.  If you ask me what is the different between the 3 types, I would truthfully say that I am not sure. Y? Apart from the hydration and slight brightening effect, I think all 3 types feel the same to me. Haha!! I am a blur user but I must mention again that I love the hydration effect.

IMG_20121013_221148 (480x640)
Ending the post with a scary photo of my with the eye mask and the Kose black mask!!
Edited as the 1st postage was my draft and livejournal is a little bongus…. :X


A needed mask haul

Went to GP for a check just now cos the Miss Red visit has been super terrible for the past 2 months… Visited me total of 4X!!!! Something is wrong!!

The GP told me nothing he can do cos I need to go to a Gynea for a scan or blood test to know what exactly happen… But he also mention that there might be cyst… OMG!!

Gonna make an appointment tomolo cos the gynae was out just now 😦

Tada!! Something to cheer myself up from Watsons!!! I am a super frequent user of sheet masks and I love them!!!

Ingredients if u are interested!!!

Another one!!

This is how I store my sheet masks and sleeping masks!!

Ending the post with Noona!!

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TonyMoly Tomato Mask

Went online shopping with again and I am really so satisfied with Ling’s speedy service! Placed my order on Monday and viola! I receive them on Wednesday!

The peach peeling and mango mask is my mummy’s, yes! She love the mango brightening mask so much that she’s purchase another one to keep cos it’s always OOS!
I’ve gotten the Apple Sleeping mask and Tomato brightening mask.

Gonna have a short review on the TonyMoly Tomato Brightening Mask.
The description on sound like the Mango Brightening Mask that I tried previously but I couldn’t resist the cute packaging and I wanted to see if I can get the bubbling effect that the Mango mask didn’t give me.

The mask smells a bit artificial but still lovely and yummy!
I apply a thin layer of the mask and guess what? It produce the oxygen bubble as promised!
I left it on for 5 minutes and massage it off!
The results is good! My complexion brighten us and friend commented that I look very fresh today!
Price at less than $20, this is a must buy cos it retails for $29.
This is on my repurchase list and let me know when u try it!

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TFS Raspberry Roots Sleep Mask

The sleeping mask is really kiicking in and I think that it’s time I write a simple review of the one that I am using constantly lately. It is nobody but the TFS Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask. This is retailing in SG for $31.90 but I remember seeing it on for at least 20% off the RSP.
*I do not help to promote TFS or*

The gel like mask smells heavenly and upon applying for like 10 mins later, it doesn’t leaves a sticky film on the face like all my other sleeping mask. Instead, it kinda gets absorbe into my skin but it does leaves a protective film on my face.

The result the next morning? Supple and hydrated skin and this is also the reason why i have been using it constantly as my skin is getting flaky again… and this mask is working it’s magic on my skin.

Will I repurchase this? Yes as this is already my 2nd bottle.

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Updates and Reviews

It’s been quite some times since I last do any updates on my past times with my playmates. This is really something that I should be guilty about as I’ve been trying out quite a number of products but I simply just let the reviews be in my own memories as I am not having enough time to blog due to the scary working shifts that my current job requires but the good news is that my last day with this company is approaching and I think I should be able to blog more frequently. Of course the same rules applies: Something that is good for me might not be good for you.

Barley Mung Bean Powder + My Beauty Diaries Mixed Berries Sheet Mask

I can’t figure out the brand of the Barley Mung Bean Powder but this can be found on and it is super affordable too, falling under SGD10.00.
The Mixed Berries Sheet Mask is bought from and I simply hate the smell…. It really reminds me of the Panadol Child Syrup that my mother used to forced me to take when I was young and BF commented that it stinks up the whole room. LOL!!
I usually use either a sheet mask or sleeping mask after using this powder as I discover that it has good exfoliating nature that is able to remove dull skin without over drying my skin.

Ingredients: Barley, Mung Bean, Pearl

It is also stated that this could be used as a facial wash but I am so used to using gel or foam that I feel my face is so ‘unclean’ so I simply stick to using this as a mask or rather scrub mask. I have also gotten the other version of this which is simply mung bean and I interswitch using them both. This one that I am currently featuring here has whitening properties due to the pearl and barley, while the mung bean one only has detoxifying properties.
I usually mixed about 3 spoonful (the spoon is included) of this and mix it into a sticky paste and apply it onto my cleanse face. Leave it for about 10 mins and afterwhich wet palms and face and massage in circular avoiding any areas which has breakouts. A good thing to note is that is you have acne prone skin or breakouts, please do not scrub as this will only worsen the condition.

My skin immediately brightens up and felt smooth but please do not stop at this point as you still need to follow with the usual skincare routine. Will I repurchase this? YES!!

❤ ❤ ❤

Mentholatum Balm

Don’t you think that the packaging is soooooo cute? Well, that is the main reason why I’ve added this into my purchase on and if I remember correctly, this is less than SGD 3.00.
This balm claims to be a all rounder than can be used for headache, mozzi bites, pimples, bruises, sunburnts and even for chap lips. I didn’t dare to try this on my pimples or chap lips but this is really soothing for mozzi bites. The portable size also makes this easy to bring along.

Ingredient list if you are interested.

Even the packaging states "Always carry with you"

I remembered passing this to my manager when she has flu and it helps to stop her blocked nose… I did also apply this on my blue black caused by my darling dog and it helps to heal them faster. So my verdict is to repurchase this….

Whoa… It really feels great to blog like this and I really should do this more often as I do not want this space of mine to be deleted like my previous dreamonenon….

I am thinking of taking another language to enrich myself… any comments on this?
French, Korean, Spanish or Italian?
Right!! Any good wedding bridal shop to recommend?

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TFS Volcanoic Ash Self-heating Mask

Got to know this friend some time last year but I finally peel off the wrapper last week to try it out and I am loving this baby!

Used this during shower while waiting for the hair mask to work its magic and the heat is simply SHIOK! I used about a fifty cent coin size on my whole face and massage it five minutes later, still feeling the heat.

Upon rinsing off, face is radiant and smooth. But I always make sure that I follow by a sheet mask as I remembered the SA said that this mask is a bit drying but great for oily skin, being a combi, hydration is a mask….

Just in case you are interested on the ingredients…

Rate it 8/10 stars.

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