ZA Mascara

Anyone that knows me know that I am a super mascara fan… Dejavu thick lashes is still my No1 favourite but I am recently hooked to ZA mascara….

Before I start… Apologies for being missing for sooooooooooo long!!!!!

I’ve been using the ZA Impact Lash series after reading XiaXue’s entry and am hooked! I completed their volume mascara and u must say that it gives me think lashes with just one layer.

The base is good for lengthening them and it’s actually protects them! A love!!!!

This is the effect after a layer of the base and a layer of mascara. Apologies for the blur photo but I am forever blogging via my iPhone so please bear with it.

Went Watsons just now and they are having a great promotion!!!!! One mascara and one base for $19.90!!!!!! Super good buy!!!!

I didn’t get the volume one this time as I wanted to try the Wide Eyes… My colleague has been using it and she is raving on how it open up her eyes more which I also notice….

So!!! Are u going to get it??


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Hello Kitty Volum’ Express Cat Eyes Mascara by Maybelline

Gotten to CP the mascara from her KL trip as Singapore didn’t manage to being it in.

Isnt this a sweet looking darling? I’ve always love Maybelline’s mascara and I think my first mascara from Maybelline was like some 13 years ago when I was 14 years old. Opps! Age reveal again and yes, I was a vain girl…. Lol!!

The comb like applicator coats every single lash and it also prevents them from clumping together.

With just one layer!
This is on par with the Dejavu Lash Knockout that I’ve tried few months back but it cost only SGD$15.00 as compared to SGD$25.00

One more photo… Look at the volume it created….

This is a waterproof mascara thus removing is a little bit time consuming…. And the downside is this is not smudge proof so it will run a little after 10 hours which is quite good for me as my previous always runs after 5 to 6 hours so I always try to buy smudge proof mascara instead of waterproof ones.

But still, I am sold on this mascara for it’s cuteness and volume effect!
How about you!!

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A Quick One!!

#$%@^, i am so pissed with LJ and i am not sure what’s wrong with it lately…. i tried to do some posting the other day and when it got posted, more than half or almost 3/4 of my post is gone and there is no way i am able to retrieve it back!! wasted my time….

i know i shpuld be studying now but i need to de-stress myself, anyway one Financial Accounting paper is already done and now i am left with Human Resource Management….. the greatest thing of all is that i am on one week leave!! Yeah!! but coping at home all day long to study……

I decided to post a quick one to destress myself then back to study again…. 4 more days to the SCB Marathon and i don’t even see myself move an inch so i am dead for my 10km run…. gonna walk and take many many photos!! think my yaking blog is going to die soon as i have nothing to post there… shall post one soon!! i have deleted my blog so from now on i only blog on LJ account.

Presenting to you my Charming Cat Mascara & Charming Angel Mascara!! I am loving this 2 mascaras so much as they are like a combination of Maybelline Volume Curl & Dejavu Fiberwig!! Got them from kimoko  and they are cheap…. SGD 3.50 and SGD 4.50 respectively. The best part is that although it states waterproof, it is easily washed off after cleansing thus leaving no panda eyes.
My purchases from TFS and i cannot remember when…. it was from Bishan Junction 8. Something i do not understand about TFS is that WHY IS THERE NO SAMPLES GIVEN EVERYTIME? I know i sound like a auntie but i think as a customer and a very loyal customer, i should get some samples on my purchases right?? Who would want the bags as gifts?? some of the bags that they offer are ugly!! OPPS!!
Quick and Clean Toner. I have been using this everyday for the past 1 to 2 weeks and the results?? i do not know as i think i am getting a couple of small pimple here and there but it might be due to the stress from my exams as this always happen to me when i am stress up. BUT i love the ‘clean’ smell of the toner and it always makes me feel fresh.
Ice Flower Water Drop Pack. I am using this as a sleeping mask alternate with my Laneige Sleeping Mask. The cream gel upon massaging turns into water droplets!! Don’t you think it’s cute? I am happy with the results as skin felt more hydrated the next day.
Got the above items from Shopping N Spree  . I am happy with the tear lens but not the GEN 2 scratch it as i think that as compare to the original Scratch it, this sucks!! But the blog owner is a nice lady as she has agree to deliver the items to my work place @ Marine Parade with having me to transfer any deposits and she gave me 10% discount… no doubts that i will buy lens from her again, although the lens are for 1 year but i think the most i will wear it for is 3 months?
Finally, why is this picture of Charming Cat Mascara here again?? well, i told my mother and sister how great this product is and they wanted one as well!!!! The 2 samples from Benefit are GWP from lovely kimoko . i had wanted to try it and do a review but i am always forgetting after my bath…. A big thank you to kimoko  for the samples and yea…. i have angel too… : p

i have also bought Hanskin BB Cream and CS brushes from spreewithkim  so now waiting for them to arrive…