Happy 2nd Anniversary

2years of marriage and it will be different from July onwards with the arrival pf Baby Rachelle!!


For memories sake!!! Print screen of our wishes!!


Kite Flying Day!

After moving in to the Home, i must say the Hub and me does more healthy outings… after a Japanese Buffet Dinner yesterday at Punggol Plaza, we proceed to the book store at level 2 and purchase our 1st Kites!!!!
Went Kite flying just now at 3plus and its soooooo hot!! haha!! had a great time but didn’t take much pictures… just a few snaps of the kites….
Gonna make this a weekly event, hopefully!!

All ready to go!!

The Hub helping me with mine but failed! I succeeded by myself!

mine is the blue one!

Spot my kite?

Ice Cream to cool off the heat!

Our Kites!!

Spotted a pretty one nearby!!! Small Kites!!

Forever in my own world -_-|||

What does the word happiness mean to you? Answers will be different for every individual…

Some may be a good career with lotsa money, some may be to be able to buy lotsa bags and collect them, some may be to be able to see their family members happy, etc etc…

For me? I seriously do not know what is the real meaning of happiness to myself…
Am doing lotsa thinking lately cos this is my last twenties and gonna welcome the BIG THREE in 2013….

The emotional seed has been affecting me quite badly lately cos the future always seems to be in a blur….

Learning very hard to plant the positive seeds and I really think that self believing is very important….

I am always living in my own world and I feel so lost at times. Not that I am not happy but the emotional brain always runs wild…

I know I know… People are going to scold me that I am crazy… Maybe indeed I am crazy….

Happiness to me means that I can go to work (a must cos that is the source of income), be home as early as possible to play with Noona, cook a meal for 오빠, chat with 오빠 on the day happening, catch drama, frequent hauls on skincare and makeup, meet up with the BFFs for dinner sometimes and catchup, to have a baby, etc…

See? Even with writing, I also do not know what I really define as happiness….
The above mentions are mostly my day in and day out but it seems that the emotional brain is still telling me “NO! This is not enough! You want more!!”

What is the more? I have no idea!!
I am forever picking in small items to rot in the emotional brain…

My job is filled with lotsa lovelies but I forever choose to look only at the shits that happen and get upset… 😦

Marriage life is good as 오빠 and me paktor for 13 years before we tie the knot but I forever choose to anyhow think…

Life is ok for me, smooth and great but I am forever thinking if only I can be better….

See? Okay, enough ratings….

Positive seeds in the planting!

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The Wedding – Part Two

Taking a little too long but here’s the pictures!! 
Everything happen in a blink and till now, the memories are still blur!!
A great happening that i will remember for life! ♥♥


After the ROM and simple tea session [with lotsa gifts and angbaos], it’s back to the changing room for my white gown. I love love this piece from The Aisle and i really thank all the staff there for their great help. Brides to be, go ahead and book with The Aisle!! 

Thanks Mei Ching for being there so early to help out! My BFF of 14 years and counting!! 

Thanks Ah Bao and Robin for all the help! Another BFF of 14 years and counting!!!
 My lovely bouquet ball!
I am always a Korean fan and the greatest regret i have is that my husband is not korean!! LOL!!! Joking!!
Hub was very nice to let me have my way for my bouquet so here i am with a korean style bouquet ball.

The ‘Nobody’ dance that my sister and Daniel did before my 1st march in….
I am still waiting for the video from dear Robin…. 

1st march in…
Please ignore my ‘cute’ face as i find that it really reflects my mood…. i am so gan jeong and everything that happen beside me was a blur vision…. 
Check out the super long train! 

Cutting of the fake cake…. 
Finally our turn to sit down for some yummy food…. i didn’t had the chance to eat a lot as i had to go change my hairstyle before the 2nd dish…. 

I absolute love my 2nd gown but the photos isnt doing any justice to it!!!! it is a flattering toga style but i look fat in the photos…. Neh!! 
Yum Seng…. See my lovely niece!! That was her 2nd outfit too!

The hub and brothers had a fun time toasting!! 

See my blissful look??

Thanks Yaying, another BFF of 14 years for being there!! her prince is so charming!!

With this, i shall end my single life…..
PS: i didnt manage to bring back my wedding favors….

Officially a Mrs Sim!!

Finally I am married off to KJ after our ‘paktor’ of almost 13 years!!

My feeling now is that there isn’t much changes in our daily life… Maybe everything will settle more when we move into our Home in lunar ‘august’!!
Photos still yet to be collected thus below are some I grab off my phone and Facebook!

Me trying to act cute while waiting in room….

Smile, Mrs Sim!!

Thanks to a dear friend that did this poster stand for me!!

The signature scroll!! I love this!! Gonna get it all frame up soon!!

The man that I will be spending my life with!!

My long long long long train!!

2nd march in and I feel like a movie star!!

Champagne pouring!!

Fat but happy!!

Will post more soon!!!!

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