Not in the mood for makeup… heh

Really not in the mood for makeup today…
So here’s my faceless super min product photo…
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Étude House Apricot Stick

Went Serangoon NEX yesterday and Étude House was having a 10% store wide discount…. Nothing much to get as I’ve stop my impulse buying habits!! Only gotten 2 colored lip balm….

The ‘paperbag’ that looks very much like an angbao….

The 2 Apricot sticks that I’ve gotten that looks very much like Chinque Chubby Stick!! After a 10% discount… Worth getting!!

Gotten shade #2 that is more pinkish and #4 a more peachy shade that the SA claimed that is the 2 most popular shades…

Tried on my lips and they are quite moisturing… No additional balm is needed… Most probably getting more shades of I do pop by again….

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ZA Mascara

Anyone that knows me know that I am a super mascara fan… Dejavu thick lashes is still my No1 favourite but I am recently hooked to ZA mascara….

Before I start… Apologies for being missing for sooooooooooo long!!!!!

I’ve been using the ZA Impact Lash series after reading XiaXue’s entry and am hooked! I completed their volume mascara and u must say that it gives me think lashes with just one layer.

The base is good for lengthening them and it’s actually protects them! A love!!!!

This is the effect after a layer of the base and a layer of mascara. Apologies for the blur photo but I am forever blogging via my iPhone so please bear with it.

Went Watsons just now and they are having a great promotion!!!!! One mascara and one base for $19.90!!!!!! Super good buy!!!!

I didn’t get the volume one this time as I wanted to try the Wide Eyes… My colleague has been using it and she is raving on how it open up her eyes more which I also notice….

So!!! Are u going to get it??


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Holika Holika Pore Cover Mousse Starter SPF 30 PA++

Time a review!!

I’ve gotten my colleague to CP this for me when she went Korea last month and I must say I am totally in love with it!!

This is the amount that I usually use on my face. And it’s a good primer that contains SPF30PA++!

Spreading out is a little difficult as it gets a little patchy during blending if you are not careful enough…. I’ve been using it with a MU sponge and tada!! It blends flawlessly!!

I love how my makeup can last 10 hours with little shine and no sliding off!!!!

Here’s a ugly photo of me wearing nothing, just the mousse starter. The pore cover effect is great and it makes applying the BBs or 2-way a breeze.

The scent is not too overpowering too, just a little hint of strawberries milk!! 🙂

Confirm in my repurchase list!!

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