Say hello to peachy peach

Rem my post about the kawai blushers??
Well, I found the final LE pal!!

At hougang mall Watsons!!!!!

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Strawberry yesterday Apricot today

Gotten the Majolica Majorca strawberry macaron yesterday and I simply love the cute packaging!!!!

Cute right?! It does looks like a macaron!!

Cone with a cute little puff that is just nice for the cheek apple….

There’s even a lovely plastic divider…. And it’s not the cheapo filmy kind….

See the lovely colour on my cheek…. Pardon me for the spots as I am currently suffering from breakout after using the ampoule from my bridal makeup artist….

Went to grab the apricot today!!!!!! Am still short on one which is OOS from AMK Hub and Compasspoint….. Quick, go grab!!!

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Feets belong to someone else…..

Finish the 10km marathon in about 1hr 35mins… i am proud of myself to have finished walking the 10km and of course there are some small jogs in between, chit chats and laughter all the way… the sad thing is i left my camera in the baggage deposit as i was too pissed off. imagine i took 45mins just to find the baggage deposit area as people were telling me all sorts of directions. AND TRACY FAM dearie, you overslept… HA!!

I just woke up after a 5 hours of nap and MY LEGS ARE JELLY…. suffered a couple of blisters too and i completely have no idea how they are formed…. think that the people that kept encouraging the runners through the race is doing a great job… i am tired but happy and I AM GONNA JOIN THE STANDARD CHARTERED MARATHON 2009.

The JB One Day trip on 06th Dec 08:

This is the Q at the Malaysia custom after one hour’s of squeezing and pushing and sweating…. in total i Q 1hr 45mins and i think that the Malaysia did a very correct decision of dimolishing this place and building a new one… i do know the ugly side of Singaporean and yesterday i just think that some Singaporean are just rude, crude, brainless, sh*tty, inconsiderate and a whole list of negative thinking…. think everyone know what i am implying…. anyway i hope that the new custom will be better and faster and more aircon please.

The last time i went to Malaysia was in Oct 2006… wha… 2 years ago… i used to frequent Malaysia JB on a weekly basic last time until i join SCB. But this time to JB was the worst human jam that i have encounter…. but overall,i had fun….

 Not Jumbo but Jimbo… the place where i had my dinner of seafood. Located opposite Holiday Plaza… The salted egg crab is yummy and finger licking.

The Happiest Moment:
SkinFood Peach Sake Serum that i got for RM 57.90 that works out to about SGD 24.00. I wanted to buy the whole range to try but control myself as i do not want to have too many products resting around and getting wasted. I love the smell….. Free samples of a beer shampoo and a celery facial foam.

Majolica Majorca products, look at the prices… with an additonal 10% discount… i am not sure of what is the exchange rate as i use CC to pay this…. the RM that i changed wasn’t enough as i only change SGD 100 for makan makan with BF and friends…. Got the pressed powder 24hr as it is more like a skincare more than a makeup and the OD Control… it’s cheap and there’s no need to travel far far as all the above purchases are made at City Square….

got to rest now as i am sleepy again….