Kate Eyeliner

Gotten this sometime ago and I think it’s time for a review.

The tip of the liner is very special, 3 felt tips. This liner is specially made for lining to the lash line as close as possible.

See the tip?
I like the fact the tips are hard enough for dotting onto the lash line but when I draw to the inner corners, it’s a bit painful as it’s too hard.
This liner is good to last me through 12 hours without smudging.

See how thin the liner is? Please pardon my inlaid eyebrow… They need a trip but I am too lazy….

My verdict? I love the Kate liner!

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I am lazy… but here it is!!

I have to admit that i am a lazy lazy girl that always tell myself: "it’s ok, i can blog about it the next time." That is why i seldom put up any post but i am online everyday just to watch Korean dramas, surf forum and to read people’s blog especially kimoko  and other makeup bloggies…. so here’s some of my outdated news….

I was in KL last month and i only bought 4 items…. very little right?? well, it was more of a relaxing and eating trip for BF and me….

From Etude House…. I love the smell of the peach pact and this pimple solution is great!! Wanted to get the Marbleade but was disappointed that they doesn’t have it there and it was only till kimoko informed me that the products at Etude and Etude House are different….
Silky Girl Duo Blush for touchup as i do not like to carry mineral blush out cos it can get very mesy and a Kate ES….
Love it!!

I do not know why but everytime i will try to take a picture of my messy table of babies and post it here if i happen to be takign photo of others… so… any difference??

Presenting…………. My sheet masks collection…..

This is how i store them….

PS: i just pass 15 of them to my cousin staying next block so you can imagine my collection before…??