Biore Hydra Clear and It’s Skin WH Effector

Gotten this when Watsons was having a promo @ $19.90. Have been reading lots of raves on this comparaing with the Fancl cleaning oil thus i am super bend on trying. I love the packaging of this product. Don’t you think that the light blue is hinting clean clean clean? keke…

Back to the main topic: I have been using this for the past 1 week and i feel that it isn’t clean enough for my eye area, my mascara that is suppose to be only smudge proof still sticks on my upper lashes and the lower lash mascara is completely intact. BUT, I would love to use this on my face as it really leaves it smooth and clean.

When you pour this product out, it feels like water but when applied onto the face, it feels like cleansing oil without the oily feeling. But i hate the scent of this as it reminds me of my washing powder. Will I get this product again? Maybe??
Rate this 7.5/10.

Next up is the It’s Skin WH Effector that I’ve gotten from and I am loving this!! I’ve replaced this as my night serum and after 2 weeks plus of using this, i notice that my skin looks brighter and smoother too. The lighter fleckles on my left cheekbone area seems to have lighten a bit but not the darker ones but i guess using this long term might help. The texture of this is completely like water? No colouring at all but it is lightly scented that doesn’t turn me off. I use about 1 full pump on my whole face as it absorbs quickly into my skin leaving no sticky feeling. I now announce that this will be taking over my TFS serum as this works better than only helping the skin to retain its moisture but at the same time whitening…..
Rate this 9/10.

PS: I am waiting for my SaSa package to arrive…


The convenience of just a CLICK

Being ‘zuo bo’ in the office is not a healthy issue to my bank as it causes me to surf around….
Visited  and decided to check out the for the playmates that I missed so long ago…
Was so excited to see that they actually carry It’s Skin and kaching, I am now a customer….
I am so happy that online shopping is being made so convenient nowadays.

I bought the arbutin serum that claims to be able to lighten spots… I have been trying to get hold of this after reading in some magazine few months ago at a relative’s place and am so excited to see on the website… it’s a pity that the collection is still not that huge but i am sure that they will be bringing in more of the products in future. wondering how long will this baby get to reach me?
right!! i did also quote KIMOKO-QUEEN OF BB to enjoy some more specials items that will be included… I am now like a child anticipating for the little christmas gift….

Haiz… i broke the promise that I gave myself again by buying a want but not a need…