Eye Cream and Lip Drops

Went upstairs to replenish the husband and my shampoo but I score myself 2 new ZA lip drops and a HadaLabo eyecream… (^O^)Have been wanting to get a new eyecream as mine finish a week ago… Yes! i was eyecreamless for 7days!! Ewwwww!!
Hope this is good as it's OSS at a few Watsons.branches…

My ZA Lip Drops in 05Totally Cute and 09Love Letter… Retailing at SGD 11.90 each and Watsons is having a 20% off now!

Ingredient if you are interested…

The top 2 swatch are the ones I purchase… Love the gold glitter in 05Totally cute!

It's a GREAT Monday!! ♥y^o^y


Hada Labo Facial Mist

Time for a review!!

Hada Labo Facial Mist retails $17.90

Been using this mist after I blot my face in the afternoon and I must say that I am loving it. Was suffering from slight flaking of my skin from the use of AHA cream and the dry office environment and this mist actually calms my skin down and reduces my flaking slightly.

I love the cooling feeling after using it and it has the distinctively Hada Labo scent… Same as the lotion.

For $17.90, it is worth trying out….

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No willpower

Ah hahahahahah!!!! I was still writing in my previous post that I need to control my spending and a trip to Watsons just now to get the ZA 2way cake for my mother proves that I have no willpower!!

What’s in the bag!!?

Tada!! Only the ZA 2way cake belongs to my mother… Remaining item all mine… Mmmmm…. Should I push the blame to the POSB Everyday card cos it gave me a $10 discount voucher for min spending of $50.

My favorite sunblock Biore launch 2 new product! 2 new waterbase sunblock… One mousse texture and another in gel… Both helps to keep the skin hydrated and upon application, water droplets can be seen.

Facts about the balm… I purchase the mousse one that is with SPF50 PA+++, cost be SGD$18.90 and I think that the price is super reasonable.

Ingredient listing if you are interested.
I’ve tried it on the back of my hand and I like the act that it glides easily and it leaves no white cast. A must buy for me as my current sunblock is finishing in another 2 to 3 uses.

Haba Lado has 2 new products on shelf!! A lip gel and a facial mist. I grab both immediately I see it as my Etude BB mist just finish… As for the lip balm… It’s just another devil in my mind asking me to buy to add in to my 1233455677765433 balms…. Hees!!

Facts about the lip gel…. This retails for SGD$10.90 and I am sold with anything that contains hyaluronic acid…. A good time to try this as the air in my current office is sooooooooo dry!!

Ingredient list if you are interested!

Facts about the facial mist…. Retails for SGd$17.90
Facial mist are a must for me as I gets flaky skin easily… Hope this is going to work as well as my Etude BB mist….

Ingredient if You are interested!!

Just ad additional cute product i s aw but i didn’t get it as I still have about half bottle left…

Hada Labo signature lotion refill…. I think this retails for SGD$18.90
Cute and environmental friendly!!

That’s all… I am going to color my hair now….

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Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion

Whoa!!!! It states super hyaluronic acid and being a huge fan, hw could I give it a miss? Tried this on the back of my hand yesterday at Watsons and I was totally sold but had wanted to wait till my current toner finishes as I think I have about 6 bottles…. Keke!! But after reading entry on this, I know I had to simply get it!

The lotion is so thick that I find the texture similar to my serum… Gonna start tonight so most probably a review next week….

Sounds amazing right!!! I can’t wait to feel the results as I am suffering from super dehydrated skin lately… Peeling in my nose and around my lips….

Say YES to hydrated baby smooth skin soon!!

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