Not for me!

Remember in my previous post I mention that there is a super good oil control moisturizer that doesn’t work with my Aqualabel Enhancer? Well…. I think I am wrong…. Most pro this moisturizer is not for me!

I was attracted to the claim that this has a oil tapping effect for 8 hours and it goes onto my basket.
Well, the oil control is super good.
Face stay shine free for a good 9 hours.
Even with no primer and my HG Biore milk, there is absolute no shine on my T-zone!!!! Amazing!!
BUT, it doesn’t suit my skin.
I tried this without the enhancer for the past 3 days and every evening when I cleanse my face, there are new breakouts!!!! I dis a test patch just on my forehead today and viola! Answer is out…. No shine on forehead but big red angry zits!!!!
Kill me somebody!! Lol!!

So here the deal…. Drop me a comment if u are interested and I’ll mail to u to try… FOC!! No point keeping this if I can’t use…. The oil control is veeeeerrrrryyyy good!! mailed!!

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Garnier Pure Active Toner

Can’t believe that I’ve been writing so frequently lately!!

The Garnier Pure Active toner that claims to see the difference from day 1!
I’ve been using this this toner for the past one week nightly as I’ve been get g breakouts on my chin area due to the stupid haze.
This toner stings my face a little upon application and I notice that it does helps to dry up the pimple a little.
It contains salicylic acid that is a very good ingredient for breakout prone skin.
But I am not going to use it regularly after my breakouts clear up as this is a little too drying for my skin. No worries as I have my HadaLabo lotion…..
Most probably I will be considering to get the range pimple roller pen.

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My night skin routine lately

With my ever growing collection of skincare, you must be wondering how am o going to finish off all of it… Well, I admit that I do hand some to my mama and lill sis at times…
Tonight, I am going to share what is my night routine lately… Due to the haze we are getting, I am sick and being forced to stay on antibotics that makes my skin super dehydrated. Being a skincare freak and noticing the damage done, it’s SOS time!
For the past 3 days, I’ve been using DHC cleansing soap sample that Watsons Glow magazine has sent to me and I am loving it! It’s leaves m y skin squeky skin yet not tight and dry… I am thinking of getting the retail size but due to Singapore doesn’t sell the soap box, I am holding back cos it’s impossible to fit the soap into a normal soap box…

Answering to my skin’s need, I pat a generous amount of SK2 facial treatment essence onto my whole face including the eye area.

Next, Loreal Revitalift double eye lift to my aging eyes and I am loving this product since I bought it last month… But not in the day as it seems a bit rich causing my eye makeup to run….

Hyaluronic acid serum from TFS and I have been using this for the past 2 years and this is super super good for dehydrated skin. Lately I hasn’t seen this around the shop but I hope that they have not DC this item. I normally use about 1 full pump on the whole face excluding my eye area and it really helps to lock in the skin’s moisture.

The Rojukiss pore tightening source that I’ve won from is the next baby for the night… I use about 2 drops onto the nose and cheeks where pores are visible and this stuff works but only if u use it faithfully. I only find that the price tag to this a bit steep, $59.90 @ Watsons.

Finally to moisturizer, SK2 Aqua Physics cream gel to end my dehydrated skin SOS and this cream gel is light weight but it leaves a layer of smooth film on my face.

Must be thinking why is this here?? Well, it was a impluse buy thus this is my night neck cream as my face is always too fair…

The above are just some products that works for me but do bear in mind that everyone’s skin has different need so please only use products that suits your skin’s need and not just from people’s recommendation….

That’s all, have a lovely night!

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Happy Shopping and Tennis tomorrow!!!

Tada!! Went to Northpoint to see some cute little maltese from a petshop but i ended up with a pink tennis racquet!! Yup, that’s the hand of BF…. and this is the view of my living room…… i’ll be starting to play tennis tomorrow and hope that this passion will burn for a long time…..
Back to my favourite topic…. i bought skincare again… i am so depress to find some fleckles on my cheekbone and i decided to buy some off shelves products that once WOW me…..

Yes… it’s the Garnier Whitening Series…. i used to use this when it was 1st launch and at the point of time, i was still a student…. and absolutely love the results but switch to SK2 when my income starting coming in… anyway, i have decided to stop buying SK2 as i heard from some forum that Maxfac*** is animal tested and i am afraid that this may be the same as well…. wel… save the money and buy something elses…..

i notice that there is a new product that is being launch…. the overnight peeling cream… tried it yesterday and notice……. nothing….. will review these soon!!
Tried this and i love the smell…. effects??? not at the moment!!

Watson’s Ionic Facial Massager

Went to Watson’s Hougang Point just now to purchase the Ionic Facial Massager @ SGD 24.90. Have been eyeing this ‘toy’ for some times but didn’t get it as i think that as compared to the ones i used to use for customer’s face when working as a beautician, this is just like a toy…. lol!! but i got it in the end cos i think there is no way i am going to spend SGD 3000+++ for a machine. And it’s a good way to destress myself from my Human Resource Management paper tomorrow. I am going crazy over the paper!! Think it’s gonna be an F!! OMG!! well, from now on i will be blogging only here as i think it’s crazy to maintain 2 blogs… i mean i am no stars so one is enough for me…. i’ve deteled the blogger account.
Presenting the Ionic Facial Massager:

 Lovely baby pink and i like the fact that it fits nicely into the palm. i have not tried it yet but i will try it tomorrow night after my papers. A little infomation on the ionic thingy: the negative ions are suppose to draw impurities out and the positive ions are suppose to aid in the penetration of serums, will have a review on it soon.


Got  a NuTeen pimple get at SGD 5.50 too. Hopes this works on the zits as well as TFS Quick & Clean but mostly BF will be using this. So i guess there won’t be any review from me.

 Addition information on the box.



This Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-on that i got it on 29th Nov @ SGD 19.90 from Watson’s. I have been using this since and i like the feeling of the metal ball rolling around the eye area. Have a cooling effect but my dark eye circles are still there. My Nutshell eye gel i use it for the day but i think it only helps to keep the eye area hydrated. DARK EYE CIRCLES are the latest PR of my face….