Belated gift from Angel

i love packages and this really make my day after a loooooooong day of bull***t….


tada!! ヽ(^。^)ノ thanks you


Will blog more over the weekend!!


Mini Getaway in July

Whatsapp chats with BFFs the lifetime and we are planning a mini getaway…. Initially we were planning a BKK for just the 4 of us but after voting… It’s Batam…. Easy to plan as its just 2D1N!

To me, the destination isn’t important as its the company that counts… The final decision is that spouse and children tag along… The only sad thing is Noona cannot follow….

Most probably planning a trip to BKK/HK with Hubby but that had to be year end as he is on his new career now….

Mmmm…. I am a super weird person as I never like traveling… I have problem sleeping outside 😀 and I misses Noona like crazy…

On a side note: I will try to update as frequent as possible 😀

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UOB Sales Retreat @ Pulai Spring Resort Malaysia

On 30th July 2011, I went for my 1st sales retreat with UOB… if i had an option, would have opt out as this was a retreat for the sales person but overall, i had fun with my colleagues…..

Started the day not so early as the meeting time was 10am at Newton….
I really think that it is a chore for girls to go on trip as the amount of skincare and makeup we bring no matter staying one day or one month is the same….

Zelynn and me all ready to start the sales retreat…. the green tee that she’s wearing is actually the department tee…. i had one which you will see later…. being vain, i refuse to wear it… haha!!

Superstar on board!!!! Ken Sugino!!
He is a funny man and the only male RO in the whole of UOB!!! It’s always fun to have Ken around to work with but with the recent moving of my team to another new office…. it makes us miss having Ken around to joke with! 😦 
We arrived at about 12.30pm which was pretty fast….. headed straight to the restaurant for some yummy lunch…. picture above taken with Cattrin, my partner in work….

We had a little rest, follow by a sales convention which i didn’t take any photo…. the whole thing was kinda boring but we did have an interesting motivation talk by a guy name Roger XXX as i had completely forgotten his surname…. Oops….

The night was suppose to be a dinner and i was immediately transform to a makeup artist as i had to do the makeup for the lead actress for our department BABE…. and she was the WINNER!!!!! will post a photo of her later…..

The lady above in pink is Vienne as i also did her makeup for the night…. she is one of the dancers….. pls ignore my big pimple! my skin is acting all weird from the moving of office and my home renovation….
See how popular i am? they are my customers waiting in line….. 

Patricia!!!! The Babe of UOB Sales Retreat 2011!!!!! 

 After the makeup on the room was done, it was to packing and then to the dinner…. i ended the night at 10pm as i had rushed for the transport to come back home….. NO STAYING for me as i have trouble sleeping outside if Hub is not around and I miss Noona dearly!!!! Enjoy the photos below and overall i had FUN!!!! 
Love my hair and makeup for the night!!

My Team 6!!

Alcohol makes me happy!!!!!

See?? well… but i am sober…. really….. i can hold my liquor well and i got home in one fine piece at about 1am… there was a terrible jam at the customs…

more photos can be viewed on my Facebook….
Do contact me if you are interested to have your makeup done by me for dinners or events!!!

Thank You Kimoko

This is my thank you post to !!!! She has been extremely sweet to have sent me a big package to brighten up my week!!!! Although we never met before but she is a friend that I’ve gotten to know from LJ…..

See the package from her!!!!
She always have nice angels sending her gifts and products to try and she did mention that she will be my angel when I ask why I have no angel some time ago….

See the contents!!!!!! Whoa!!!! I’ve asked her to help me CP the Biore makeup remover from HongKong and she sent me a surprise package!!!! Thanks Dear!!!! This package is really a BIG BIG surprise!!!! And she didn’t even want to receive payment for the makeup remover!!!!! Love ya!!!!

The item that I requested!!! Gonna use this!!! This used to have in Singapore very loooong time ago cos I remembered using it… Think is like 3 to 4 years ago but am not sure why it stop…. Or did I mixed it up with something….. Mmmmm…. Can’t remember….

OMG!!! Benefit lip gloss!!!!

The colour code….

One mineral ES, one Mascara sample and another gloss!!

My fav brand makeup remover wipes!!

Sheet mask!!!! MBD has the best sheet masks!!! Value for money and the strawberry yogurt seems to have stop?! Love love love!! And one whitening sheet mask from Heme!! Something which I’ve been wanting to try but find it a little expensive!!

Jelly beans handcream!!! Yummy!!! , what is the L brand thingy? Base or foundation??? Hees….

Rojukiss samples!!!! Great!!! I wanna try to lighten the spots I have!!!!

Whitening mask for my spots!!!!

I am indeed a happy girl!!!!! Thanks !!!!

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