heh!! uploading a photo of me!!

and my yummy strawberry!!


Lady Luck is smiling at me….

there seems to be some dust collecting on this blog and i am simply in no mood to blog…. so glad that i am no professional blogger like XiaXue or the Plasticzilla…. i am just a plain En’En…. YAY to winning a RojuKiss Serum on Watsons 7th Giveaway… i have been trying everyweek and YAY YAY YAY!!!

I will be officially starting my work on 17th August 2009 at CornerStone Wines and i am so happy that i will be working together with BF!! the last time that i get the chance to work together with BF was like 10 years ago and he had gotten enlisted in Army after 2 months… so if this goes well, we will be like working towards a common goal as my Ponggol Lodge will be ready in like Q4 2010 and most probably will be able to get the keys in Q1 2011?? i can’t wait to have a HOME of my own but i think i will be coming back to Buangkok pretty often as i will be missing my dad and Noona like hell… keke!!

speaking of my dad… i seems to share a friendship with him… why do i say so? maybe it’s b’cos he listens to me more and we communicate like friends… i am so glad that he isn’t like some horrible dad that is so hard to be near… it’s hard to imagine that i will soon be moving into a HOME of my own without my dad and mum but i guess this is all a part and parcel of life…. every childs need to learn to build a HOME of their own…

bought Noona to her 3rd booster shot today and she is behaving well… but as compared to Missy and Max who are both 1 year senior, she still has a very long way to learn. Today is also the 1st experience for me to be behind the van with 3 dogs and i am so surprise that i did not freak out…. they are all so well behave, resting at my feets… only FiFi is barking and moving like crazy but she’s in a bag… Noona takes the front seat with my dad as she’s closer to him…. decided that Nonna calls me JieJie and my dad shall be Daddy…. haha…

This seems to be a pretty long entry but it’s all bits and pieces of my updates…. since i am not working, i control myself on my spending…. listing of my buys but no picts;

  1. Benefit Benetint
  2. Maybelline Dreamatte Powder x3 [1 for me, 1 for mama, 1 for little sis]
  3. Maybeline Mascara

Pretty surprise right?? well, item 1 and item 2 are from spree so i am still waiting…. and not forgetting the RojuKiss!!!!! wahahahahaha!! i am super a freak!! it’s terrible not being able to buy so i am so glad that i am working again to earn the money to shop shop and shop…. some photos for you to enjoy!!

Look at the ugly sleeping position of this little sis!!

my latest craze and i am so happy to find fruits flavour… the last time i had fruity mouth rinse was my trip to Japan in 2008!!

Ending the post with a fat fat me… i wanna lose a bit of weight??

Yucky Yam Paste and FOTD??

Congrats to Eve and Mike on your big day on 010709 and the dinner was held at Furama Riverfront… Overall rating of the dinner?? 3/10 The service was lousy and the food was cold. Imagine the sharkfin is sticky enough to stick on the wall as decorations… LOL!! i didn’t take much photos as i was in a lousy mood… there are only 4 people sitting at my table and we were all stuffed…. Guess what is this?

Looks yucky??

Ans: Yam Paste… i think it’s the waitress’ fault as she didn’t mixed it properly… talking about the waitress, i simply do not understand why would people want to employ more and more PRC. i admit that i have something against them and i think that Singapore is being infested with the Ah Tiong virus. everywhere we go, we are being served by them… back to the PRC waitress… she was serving my table with a black face the whole night and she didn’t even bother to top up my almost empty plain water… i had to ask for it like 4 or 5 times. this is really lousy service. where is the GEM service that Singapore used to provide to consumers?? Here are some of the photos taken:

Although it’s just the 3 of us at the table with another unknown lady, we enjoyed a bit… lalalala….. Here’s some photos of my makeup for the night….
Face: Dr G BB Cream, Etude Peach Pact
Cheeks: EDM Pink Ribbon
Eyes: Maquillage Twinkle Jeweling Eye "Gold", Kate GY-1, TFS Eyebrow BR2
Lips: Revlone Liptint

Ending with kisses from Noona