Homemade Honey Lemon

Watched the Korean version of Hana Kimi, To the Beautiful You…. By Shinee Minho and FX Suli…. There was a scene of homemade honey lemon slices that led me to YouTube it… Well, it’s good for sore throat and I’ve just finish making a batch. ↖(^ω^)↗

Super simple to make!! Just 5 lemons and a small jar of honey… of course plus a clean glass container… Slice the lemon and pour honey over it layer by layer and making sure that every slice is covered and chill it.


This mixture can be kept for 2 to 3 months but i am sure it’s gonna finish fast cos one of the YouTube video says that i can also choose to eat it on its own and it’s good for allergy.





The Hub wanted steak so we homecook!!

happycall is my BFF!

medium rare for me and well done for him!

washing it down with Riesling!


ps: didn’t drink for a period cos TTC and my limit drop to 2 glasses! super flushed!

ChocGoji – Chocolate covered Wolfberries

I love eating Goji as a snack and when I saw this new launch product at NTUC, I knew I had to grab it 🙂


I've gotten the one covered with dark chocolate as I don't really like sweet stuff. Think it's retailing at $3.45.
Wolfberries are very good for the eyesight and it contains 15X more antioxidants than canberries and 50X more vitamin C than oranges!! WHOA!!

I love the chewy texture and this is certainly a healtier snack as it only contains 130cal per serving. *one pack contains 260cal, 2 servings.

Nutrition Information if you are interested 🙂

PS: This is not a sponsored post.


Went shopping with hubby at Takashimaya and I must say i love my Taka Vouchers! Thanks to my RMs and Boss…


Stock up my SKll FTE, gotten the $99 set again as upon calculation, it seems more worth it as it comes with a mask and a small bottle of lotion/toner… the Kose black mask is on a promo of buy one get one free… heh!


Hubby gotten a Timberland tee and a new card wallet….


And the best! Food!! Sashimi from Cold Storage, my pickled Korean dishes and a new found love, Mini One croissant…. 


No photos of my prizes…. just a snap of the yummy croissant….


Pancakes Anyone?

Forever shouting that I wanna and I need to be on DIET but when it comes to food, it is a POISON to my plans!!
No matter how hard I try, it is a mission impossible to reject… lol!!!
The Hub also!!!!! Forever chio chio me for supper…. haha!!

20120703_001225 (480x640)
Love how easy this is! Just add water and cook!!
20120703_001218 (480x640)
The Batter!!!
20120703_001158 (640x480)
Cooking in the process with HCP… Oilless!!!
20120703_001207 (480x640)
Nice!!! Love the fluffy texture!!!
20120703_001212 (480x640)
This is the best partner in crime!!!!
I am trying my best not to think of the additional fats and kilos that I am adding to my body… LOL!!!

HappyCall Cinnamon Roll

With the Hubby away on another fishing trip… I am soooooo bored alone at home….

Took the happycall out and decided go 'bake' Hub's fav Cinnamon Roll!!

Bread Flour 250g
HL Milk 150ml
Sugar 3tablespoon
Butter 30g
Salt 0.5teaspoon
Instant Yeast 1teaspoon
Egg 1whole

Cinnamon Sugar

Mixed all the dry ingredient together, rub the butter in and pour all wet ingredient. Mixed well and knead well. Let it proof for 45mins.

Roll the dough out to a rectangle and spread butter all over.

Sprinkle large amount of cinnamon sugar all over and roll the dough in as tight as possible.

Cut into 1.5inch and let it proof for another 20mins.

'Bake' over low fire for 10 mins, flip over for another 10 mins.

Think is only 70% success as I think I added a little too much flour…. It taste more like bread and I wish it could be a little more fluffier….

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