The 1.5hour sweatout!!

I do join the husband occaaaionally for jogs to keep the heart pumping and today we went for a 1.5hour sweatout walk…


He kinda ‘cheated’ me the route…. I thought we will be jogwalk from the Waterway park to Punggol Marina but instead, we jogwalk along the dark and scary main road of Punggol Road! Eeeeeks to the spiders, bugs and frogs!


Love the view I had when we reach Punggol Promenade…  All worth the constant nagging through the jogwalk… haha….


No photos taken as I didn’t bring along Miss Pebble….
Tired TTM now… sleeping time!  (~O~)zZ


A needed mask haul

Went to GP for a check just now cos the Miss Red visit has been super terrible for the past 2 months… Visited me total of 4X!!!! Something is wrong!!

The GP told me nothing he can do cos I need to go to a Gynea for a scan or blood test to know what exactly happen… But he also mention that there might be cyst… OMG!!

Gonna make an appointment tomolo cos the gynae was out just now 😦

Tada!! Something to cheer myself up from Watsons!!! I am a super frequent user of sheet masks and I love them!!!

Ingredients if u are interested!!!

Another one!!

This is how I store my sheet masks and sleeping masks!!

Ending the post with Noona!!

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Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette

Finally gotten my hands on this baby!!

Still in box!!

Ingredient if you are interested…

Say hello baby!! Just to check as the brand is printed on the cover so this should be the real stuff?

The lovely neutrals shades!!! Only one shade was slightly damaged and I am sure it isn’t that bad as I didn’t notice it till my friend pointed out to where the damage was…. $20ish for this is super worth!!

The damage color…..

Light swatch…. Nt very pigment but this is just 4 of the 88 shades….

My latest toy!! Shape weight!! Hopes this works!!!!

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