TFS HD BB Cream Thoughts

I am loving this BB cream after using it for the past 2 weeks!!

I’ve gotten the small size one cos I was afraid that it will not be suitable for me and I regretted!! Haha!!

Color: Slightly fair as I am a ZA 21
Coverage: Medium to Full
Scent: Slightly Floral
SPF: 30/PA+++
Oil Control: About 6 to 8 hours
Thoughts: I simply love the finish as it gives me a matte finish upon application. Even with a SPF 30/PA+++ I still apply sunblock due to the harsh office lightings! No blotting is needed even after 8 hours! I usually use a pea size on my whole face and the coverage is good. A little goes a long way and I usually layer a little over blemish marks and my dark eye circle. With a thin layer of MAC loose powder and I am done!

Confirm in my repurchase list if I ever finish my bases!!

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TFS Raspberry Roots Sleep Mask

The sleeping mask is really kiicking in and I think that it’s time I write a simple review of the one that I am using constantly lately. It is nobody but the TFS Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask. This is retailing in SG for $31.90 but I remember seeing it on for at least 20% off the RSP.
*I do not help to promote TFS or*

The gel like mask smells heavenly and upon applying for like 10 mins later, it doesn’t leaves a sticky film on the face like all my other sleeping mask. Instead, it kinda gets absorbe into my skin but it does leaves a protective film on my face.

The result the next morning? Supple and hydrated skin and this is also the reason why i have been using it constantly as my skin is getting flaky again… and this mask is working it’s magic on my skin.

Will I repurchase this? Yes as this is already my 2nd bottle.

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TFS Volcanoic Ash Self-heating Mask

Got to know this friend some time last year but I finally peel off the wrapper last week to try it out and I am loving this baby!

Used this during shower while waiting for the hair mask to work its magic and the heat is simply SHIOK! I used about a fifty cent coin size on my whole face and massage it five minutes later, still feeling the heat.

Upon rinsing off, face is radiant and smooth. But I always make sure that I follow by a sheet mask as I remembered the SA said that this mask is a bit drying but great for oily skin, being a combi, hydration is a mask….

Just in case you are interested on the ingredients…

Rate it 8/10 stars.

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My night skin routine lately

With my ever growing collection of skincare, you must be wondering how am o going to finish off all of it… Well, I admit that I do hand some to my mama and lill sis at times…
Tonight, I am going to share what is my night routine lately… Due to the haze we are getting, I am sick and being forced to stay on antibotics that makes my skin super dehydrated. Being a skincare freak and noticing the damage done, it’s SOS time!
For the past 3 days, I’ve been using DHC cleansing soap sample that Watsons Glow magazine has sent to me and I am loving it! It’s leaves m y skin squeky skin yet not tight and dry… I am thinking of getting the retail size but due to Singapore doesn’t sell the soap box, I am holding back cos it’s impossible to fit the soap into a normal soap box…

Answering to my skin’s need, I pat a generous amount of SK2 facial treatment essence onto my whole face including the eye area.

Next, Loreal Revitalift double eye lift to my aging eyes and I am loving this product since I bought it last month… But not in the day as it seems a bit rich causing my eye makeup to run….

Hyaluronic acid serum from TFS and I have been using this for the past 2 years and this is super super good for dehydrated skin. Lately I hasn’t seen this around the shop but I hope that they have not DC this item. I normally use about 1 full pump on the whole face excluding my eye area and it really helps to lock in the skin’s moisture.

The Rojukiss pore tightening source that I’ve won from is the next baby for the night… I use about 2 drops onto the nose and cheeks where pores are visible and this stuff works but only if u use it faithfully. I only find that the price tag to this a bit steep, $59.90 @ Watsons.

Finally to moisturizer, SK2 Aqua Physics cream gel to end my dehydrated skin SOS and this cream gel is light weight but it leaves a layer of smooth film on my face.

Must be thinking why is this here?? Well, it was a impluse buy thus this is my night neck cream as my face is always too fair…

The above are just some products that works for me but do bear in mind that everyone’s skin has different need so please only use products that suits your skin’s need and not just from people’s recommendation….

That’s all, have a lovely night!

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I did some shopping again….

Headed to Compasspoint Library and being a drugstore addict, i headed to Watsons and Faceshop…..

What’s in here??

Reveal…. 3 travel bottles for the upcoming BKK trip…
And a Revlon Protective Liptint in Pink Rose… there is a $3 discount at the moment and it only cost me $13.90.

taken w/o flash

tada… 2 Glow mag as i love the pouch…..

 My faceshop buys…. 2 facial wash for Dad and BF…..

Remember my little pup name Noona?? here’s a photo of me and her….