Jade for eyes

The roller pen skincare seems to be in the trend and I really love the creator as it makes application a breeze.

The Ginvera Green Tea Jade Dark Eye Circle Roll Away has been in the market for quite some times and I recently supported the Pink breast cancer project by purchasing this at Watsons for $13.90 instead of the usual RSP$18.90.

The essence is lightly scented with a hint of green tea and super lightweight.
The jade roller ball feels cool upon contact to my skin and I believe this helps to minimize puffiness but it might all be in the mind.
Why do I say so?
After 2 weeks of using this religiously day and night, my dark circles is still as dark as before and they are still so puffy every AM….
The only thing that I like about this product is that it keeps my eye area hydrated.
Am I going to repurchase this? The answer is No.
What’s yr thoughts about this roller pen?

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A gift that brighten up my Saturday!

Met up with Keng from my PSB class today for breakfast and am happy to know that he is living well.
No pictures as I meet him in my PJ and ugly specs…. haha… no need to have image when i am with him cos he is just like a family brother to me…. AND the had gotten my gifts from his ever constant trips overseas…

All gifts in a Cathay paper bag…. Mostly TonyMoly stuff… 2 sheet masks, 1 Cooling eye cream stick, 1 gloss, 1 avocado balm and apple flavored sweets…. Thanks Cousin Poh!!
Any one to help me translate?

Nutshell Lemon Eye Gel

As promise in the previous entry, i will do a small review on the Nutshell Lemon Eye Gel.  3 to 4 days into using this lemon eye gel and i really love the texture of it. leave no sticky after feel and the smell is simply pleasent, something like the lemon candy that is sold at Diaso. 

i am not sure what the lemon eye gel actually does to me as i have been using eye product faithfully for the past 4 weeks and so far i hasn’t have any problem on my eye area except from dark circles. This is the information from the webpage:

Lemon Eye Gel

A light, cooling gel, containing our exclusive synergy of ‘vegetarian collagen’ herbal extracts seabuckthorn fruit and seed oils and organic aloe vera gel that leaves the delivate tissue around the eye smooth and taut.


Using your fourth finger and gentle dab under your eye, massage gently.

Organic aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerin, distilled water, sun-infused organic calendula oil, lavender hydrosol, extracts of horsetail, coltsfoot and gota kola, natural vitamin E, xanthan gum, organic lemon peel and palma rosa pure essential oils, grapefruit seed extract and seabuckthorn fruit & seed oil.

so it only states that this eye gel leaves the skin around the eye area smooth and taut which is true as i do not see any bumps around it. Value for money too as it only cost me SGD 35.00 and the per time usage is only half a pump and i am able to massage into both the eye areas. 

**this is solely base on my opinion and i am not responsible for any skin allergy that you should get after using this product.**


picture taken from Nutshell

Bought this lemon eyegel from Nutshell kiosk located at Raffles Xchange today @ SGD 35.00. Tried it just now and i like the lemon smell and the light-weight of the gel. Compared to my AnnaSui eyecream, i would prefer this as it doesn’t give me the sticky feeling. Anyway, the AnnaSui is already used to the very last dot!! back to the lemon eyegel, it certainly smells like the lemon candy but no worries as the smell doesn’t linger for a long time so there is no fear that BF will not kiss me due to lemon smell… hees!!

Do check out Nutshell website http://www.nutshell.com.sg 

they do sell a great range of product from skincare to makeup to bodycare and they do free delivery with purchase above SGD 70.00… if it’s below, they only charge a delivery fee of SGD 7.50. 

I am interested in trying out their lemon toner but just afraid that it would have chemical effect with my SK2…. 

happy shopping…..