Étude House Apricot Stick

Went Serangoon NEX yesterday and Étude House was having a 10% store wide discount…. Nothing much to get as I’ve stop my impulse buying habits!! Only gotten 2 colored lip balm….

The ‘paperbag’ that looks very much like an angbao….

The 2 Apricot sticks that I’ve gotten that looks very much like Chinque Chubby Stick!! After a 10% discount… Worth getting!!

Gotten shade #2 that is more pinkish and #4 a more peachy shade that the SA claimed that is the 2 most popular shades…

Tried on my lips and they are quite moisturing… No additional balm is needed… Most probably getting more shades of I do pop by again….

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Eating Rice – Etude House Mini Size U Range

Been using these for the past 2 to 3 weeks and I think it’s time for a review…. I like this range very much and decided to purchase the full size emulsion and toner…. Shall finish these before buying others… Got to control to stop my hauling as wedding and renovation both involves lotsa MONEY… Ok… Back to review…..

Etude House Mini Size U is a range specially formulated for pore care. Information on box:
Aesthetic pore care line formulated with fermented rice wine sediments to nourish a tighten pores.

These whole series does scent like SKll and I think it’s due to the fermented rice. I love how smooth my skin felt after the product absorb and how easily my sunblock and bb cream glide upon application. Mmmmm……

Facts about the toner. It contains micro-sized, oil control silica powder!! Love my no shine t-zone…

Almost done with the sample size that came free when I bought the serum. This retails for SGD$29.90 and I think that it’s super affordable as compared to the premium counter brands. Yes, I think that this works great and can be compared to counter brands….

Facts about the emulsion. This leaves a alight cooling feel on my skin and skin instantly felt smooth.

The only thing I hate is that I have to smack it against my palm real hard to get the product out. A little goes a long way… I use about the size of a 20 cents coin day and night. Retails for SGD$29.90

No info on the smoother serum as I threw away the box long ago…. But this is the fiest that led me to the full range….

I love rice, how about u?

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Miss Tangerine

It’s time to review the Miss Tangerine primer!

This is a serum soak cotton primer that u must say is a little too moisturizing for my skin.

It claims to brighten the skin and preps it ready for makeup.
I used this after I wash my face and skin all toner, serum and moisturizer.
Sad to sad it does breaks me out a little on my cheeks.
But I love the refreshing citrus scent.

Per box contain 40pcs of pre-soak cotton primer and there is a exfoliating side and a smooth side. I usually use both sides. I must say makeup does last longer and there are some brightening effect after 7 days of continual usage. I now use it one on days when I feel that I need some moisure boost as I hate the breakouts on my cheeks.

See my bright skin?

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Shopping again!!!

Went NEX with 오빠 for dinner just now and I am playmates richer!!

Just 2 items can make me a happy girl!
A blusher that is too cute to say NO to and a cotton primer from Etude new Miss Tangerine collection.

Just in case if you are interested about the cotton primer, here’s a little information…. I’ve tried it on my hand just now, it does have some brightening effect and it smells so lovely that I just purchase it. Cost me SGD27.90 and I’ve gotten 2 samples of the eye and lip makeup remover…

Gotten some yummy drinks from Drink Tea and I absolute love the pink pearls!!!!

I’ve also gotten a pink straw!!!!!

End with Miss Noona!!

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Yogurt for skin

The hardworking writer is here again…. OMG!! I am getting so thickskin now… Calling myself a writer… Yes! I am a writer in my own world….

The Etude Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam, Berries Mix. I can’t remember if I bought it for $15.90 or $19.90 at Etude House but I remembered http://www.koreabb.com.sg has this and is selling for $11.90.

This cleaning foam smells very NICE!! It is a lovely blend of mix berries and a very very mild yogurt hint. This foam works up to a nice lather and there are small grains that double as a face scrub. This grains aren’t too harsh on my skin and I conclude that this is gentle enough to use daily.

After cleansing, my skin feel soft and clean without the tight after-feel. How I wish this has some AC properties. I’ve been placing this aside for quite some time as I still love to use the HaboLabo AHA/BHA cleansing foam….

Think it’s time to start finishing this so that I have excuse to do more shopping…..

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