Welcoming Asus K43S Pink to the Family

Yup… decided on the Asus K43S after the salesman from HM recommended and it was quite a steal….
$899 with lotsa of freebies being thrown in 😀
As usual, PINK is forever my choice 😀
I have a Pink Samsung Netbook too which the Hub is currently using 😀
My wallpaper

ending the super short post with a funny photo of Noona…

promise that you will see more updates!!!!


New Lappy?

okay okay! i know my blog has been dead for sooooooo long! not that i didn’t wanna blog but the Wifi in my new home is still not being setup…. i know i know… moved in almost a year and it’s still not being setup…. and i hate sitting and blogging in a room…. i need to blog with multitasking eyes on a Tv….


aiya… it’s all b’cos the netbook doesnt have a DVD rom so there is no way i can do the setup… the CPU is still ay Mummy’s place and i am simply too lazy to shop for a monitor and move the CPU unit over…


went Courts and Challenger the other dag and i’ve gotten my eyes fixed on a Acer S3 Ultrabook and a Sony lappy…. forgot the model but it’s PINK!!


still considering but i know that shall be my motivation to blog regularly….. hopefully i will purchase it soon….(*^īš^*)

Say hello to Miss Pebble!!!

With the new launch Samsung S3, I could resist the Pebble Blue shade 😀

Thanks to the Hubby as his phone line is ready for recontract, he asked me to go ahead and get one Miss Pebble for my birthday…. Being the evil wife, I went ahead and I am gonna pass my Miss White to him… Lol!!!

The iPhone camera is doing no justice to the lovely blue….

Newly protected with glitter screen protector… Looks like dust specks!! Haha!!

Really love the huge screen… Comparing with my chubby hand!!!!

Gave Miss Pebble a new coat and love the purple dots! Yes!! That’s Miss Noona in the background… With her little bear!!

See? The lovely screen!!!!

Hasn’t officially started using it as I am still watching the korean dramas on Miss White and learning to setup and it’s really easy with the click and drop…. No more syncing….

Overall!! I am loving it!!!!!!

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Miss Pink

Went to Compasspoint yesterday evening for dinner and to check out my want of a netbook….

Best was having a promo for the Samsung N150 netbook at $419 and there goes my plastic!!

Meet Miss Pink!!

Goona need this for some serious planning which I will blog more about it when the time is right…. Meanwhile, Miss Pink shall aid me in my wedding planning…..

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So what have i been doing lately?? Look at the photos!!


bought 2 Zen stone plus – mine is pink and Kj’s Xmas gift is black…….

Korea Haul!!!!!

This is really good!! 
Bought 2 Silky Girl liner @ SGD 5.90 ea… quite lasting… a good buy!!
The CarBoot Sale @ ECP 20/12 – 21/12
It is bloody hot i tell you and i am burnt on day 2!!
My KJ!!
Day 2…
Meet Dino!! he’s charming and cute….

My buys again!!

I am in love!!

A gift to someone at work…

Tested and The SCB Marathon

Finally the papers are over!! Yeah, stress free till April 2008. Yesterday night tested my new toy on BF and saw a bit of redness…. Well, i tested the Ionic Facial Massager just now and here’s my review:

Using the negative (-) ions, i switch it to high as i felt nothing at the preset medium. I wet the cotton with one of my facial mist and worked the massager over my whole face. Felt a bit of heat and looking into the mirror, the areas that the massager moved over, there will be hints of redness, good…. i think so. The whole process took me 20 mins, 10mins on each side. Use a total of 2 cottons and whoa, the cotton is dirty. It’s a pity that i did not take any photos.

Using the positive (+) ions, i apply my SKll Aqua Physics Serum directly onto my face and moved the massager. OUCH! it sting badly cos i switch it to high, a note to know that the instructions given was to have a piece of damp cotton or cloth over over the ‘head’ but with my past experience as a beautician, i know that it’s ok to use it directly onto the skin area when using positive (+) ions. Please do not try this if you are unsure as i will not be responsible. i switched it to low and continue the full process of another 20 mins.

results: i am kinda satisfied with my new toy as it is value for a SGD 24.90 toy. the 2 sides of my cheeks feels smooth and i think that with the aid of my toy, the serum penetration is better. i will continue to use this for twice a week and see if after one month, any changes to my complexion. the only thing that i do not like about my toy is that the preset time is 5 mins and i have to on the device again after every 5 minutes. There is no way i can change it, haiz!!

This is my number for the SCB marathon 10 km run on 7th December 2008… i am in deep sh*t as i did no training at all…  

on the happier side, i will be going to JB for some seafood tomorrow and hopefully i am able to grab some nice cheap makeups and skincares!!