To my FirstBorn

To my firstborn:

I still remember the 1st time we met and it was love at first sight. Never knew that I will feel the sparkles in my heart popping to someone that I have just met for the 1st time. The awwww of the cute button nose to the pout that you have when you are tired and even the cries you gave now seems so cute! The growing up phrase that we had spent together made me a better person and I am so glad that you are the one that made me a mother. The constant laughter that you have brought into our lives made me very thankful that I has chosen motherhood. Mummy might always be the ‘bad’ one at home but please know that I love you so dearly! In another 7 days, lill sis Raeanne will be joining us to love you and I am sure that you will also love her dearly. Rest assured that Daddy and Mummy will continue to love you the same as we parents are amazing that we are able to grow more love to love our children.

Thank you Rachelle Dear


And Dinner is Served

Did a testing session today and so far everything went well… let’s just keep my fingers crossed!


Her before and after. Guess R is still not used to eating dinner and let’s just let R adapt slowly.

Short Grain Rice
Scramble Egg with olive oil
Chicken Potato Carrot Soup

Question: This is my current schedule for R’s daily intake, am i over feeding her?
6am 240ml
9am Breakfast – Oat/Bread/Pancake
12pm Lunch – Usual Porridge
3pm 240ml
6pm 150ml
7.30pm Dinner
9.30pm 240ml – A must before she sleeps

Enon Parenting Style 1

Everyone has different parenting habits and no matter how we parents choose to bring up our LO, we get judged by others. I am so numbed by the remarks i’ve heard and i choose to laugh it off cos no one understand my child’s need more than me… even PapaK gets lost at times.

Don’t get me wrong! I also judge others on why they can let their LO be exposed to high sugar content food or why they feed over counters TCM to their LO… I judged others on why they are so persistence to BF their LO and many more other things!

I finally understand! Everyone has different parenting styles. To others I am be very anal when it comes to R but to me, this is what I can try my best to give to her.

I am very strict with R’s diet even till now i am only opening a very small food gate for her. I make sure i personally prep all her meals daily, sad to say I am not able to prep her dinner as she is at nanny so i make sure shw gets homemade puree to go with her cereal. All her current snacks are still puffs, yogurt drops, dried strawberries and Pigeon brand snacks.

The small food gate i allowed is only tasting bits of my food when we are out for dinner. And i made it very clear no sharing of spoons and chopsticks except PapaK and mine. I really find it very unhygiene to be sharing and i will always try to ask for extra spoon when we eat outside.

Will be opening the food gate for her soon as she will be going to childcare next Feb… I hope i won’t be so reluctant and possessive by then…

This is one of my parenting style 🙂

Master Mummy Chef

I am a super lousy cook but am super glad that Rachelle ate whatever porridge I whipped up daily…

I am super anal when it comes to Rachelle’s food thus I make it a point to cook myself daily even though Nanny did offer to cook but I kindly rejected 🙂


I started out with 2 grains – Millet and Short Grain Rice which I will slow cook daily with the puree that I prep once a week and freeze.


I added Red Lentils into her porridge base as she hits 8mo. I would try to feed less rice and focus more on grains as I feel and also learn that the nutrients value are much better 🙂



Soup base are usually a huge teaspoon of ikan billis powder and kunbu soup base.


I do also add in Flax Oil when the porridge is cool to a lower temperature for the Omega boost!! About 2 ton3 times a week 🙂


Latest order from iHerb and I will be starting Pearl Barley and Quinoa into her porridge meals. Of course I will alternate the grains but I will make it a point to have at least 3min grains per meal. The Chia Seed I hope to introduce soon as it is a superfood!!! Will also be starting VCO to boost her immunity.

Am trying my best to just give natural food source instead of starting vitamins as I’ve read that it is best to start after 2yo.

Here are some of my creations:


Carrot and Spinach Porridge


Carrot and Endives Porridge


Pumpkin and Peas porridge


Beet Root Porridge


The Greens Porridge which she hates… lol!!


Pumpkin and Parsnip Porridge


Spinach, Carrots and Zucchini Porridge

As she is hitting her 9mo soon I hope to be introducing more solids to her. Porridge are usually fed to her during lunch and she eats cereal for dinner as I have no time to cook additional portions. During weekends I will add fruit puree to her cereal.

Rachelle, hope you love my porridge.