RIP Toby Boy

Gotten a call from my Boss last Sat 26th Jan 2013 evening and he told me Toby passed away. No one really knows what happen but he apparently fell down from the service yard of their Condo at level 10.


Really heart breaking as he is only 2 dog years old. RIP Toby boy, u will be greatly missed!  watch over yr PaPa and MaMa from Rainbow bridge! 

the last sibling shot Noona took with Toby last Nov 2012.



nv posted photos of Noona for quite some time… these are the shots from Instagram…. do follow me @enon_enen as i post more frequently there…

being caught in the act of biting my rubberband…. heh!!





Wearing the hub’s UV scarf!

Taxi ride to the vet for vaccination

Sleep time



Love her loads!

The monster!!

I am have a little destroyer at home!!
Tried leaving Noona home alone to let her get used to it and I discover the destroyer in her!
She manage to hit her bottle out of the baby gate and there she is waterless!!
Lucky I am on AL so she is only being left at home for about 2 to 3 hours… Am slowly increasing the time that she is being alone in her room….

Went to Compasspoint just now and got her this!! Cost me $130 plus but at least this ensures that she won’t be able to hit the water bottle out of place….
Really dun understand the tiny brain….
I am so worried but I think I should get used to the idea of Noona being alone… Afterall, she is a pet and I got to work….

See the poor little darling all teary!! It breaks my heart but what to do? I can’t possibly quit my job and be a stay home beauty tech!! How much makeup and nails can I do to ensure that I cam have a stable life…. Haiz!!

The happy face that greets me when I am home!!

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Noona is overweight!!!!

Brought Noona for her 3rd yearly vaccination this morning….

See the happy darling in the consultation room….. Weighing scale by her side….
When I weigh her, I got a little shock!!

She is 9.4kg!!!!!!!!!! Really overweight!!!!!
This is the results from all the treats and pampering…… Vet suggested that I bring her back 6 month later for a review and a diet is a must for her….
Well, starting from tomorrow, both Noona and me shall work hard together…. I must suffer together with her so that I will feel less guilty… Am gonna lock away her treats…. To make sure that my mummy do not feed her any of the treats anymore…

More lovely shots of my darling, Noona!!

Mummy loves u!!

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