Spinach Oat Loaf

Freshly Bake Spinach Oat Loaf

1 Egg
90g Spinach Water (i boil some spinach and blend with water)
1tbsp Raw Sugar
30g Cake Flour
120g Bread Flour
2tbsp Baby Oat
3/4 Instant Yeast
25g Salted Butter

#6, Light Crust, 450g




Improvised Black Sesame Milk Loaf

Did another batch today and this is my 1st time i make without TangZhong…. Love the outcome!


Water 160g
Raw Sugar 1tbsp
Sea Salt Few dashes
Formula Milk 2big scoops
Cake Flour 25g
Bread Flour 225g
Yeast 1tsp

I selected the french loaf selection

Pandan Loaf

Long weekend and I am enjoying every minute of it!
How good if I am be a SAHM…


Egg 50g
Fresh Milk 80g
Sugar 1.5tbsp
Pandan Paste 2tsp
Bread Flour 270g
Yeast 1tsp
TangZhong 95g
Melted Unsalted Butter 30g

Set breadmaker crust to light and weight to 700g. Press Start!
Place all ingredients into BM as per the listing order leaving tangzhong and butter last. Once a dough is form, add in the tangzhong in small batches and once is is evenly mixed,  drizzle the melted butter in.

Lovely pandan bread and R enjoys it very much! The pict above was just a pandan loaf that i baked some time ago… hers the one from yesterday!

Raisns Milk Loaf

I make bread during weekends with my breadmaker and today’s loaf shall be:


Rasins Milk Loaf
Bread Flour 200g
Wholemeal Flour 50g
Fresh Milk 130g
Olive Oil 20g
Raisns 60g
Raw Sugar 1.5tbsp
Instant Yeast 1tsp
TangZhong 95g
Pinch of seasalt

Set to express 700g and start.
Add in the wet ingredients follow by the dry ones making sure that salt and instant yeast are added in at different timing.
TangZhong should only be added in after the dough is 70% mixed.

Am using the Express Function today thus bread did not raise as much but love it!

Wholemeal Oat Cheesy Loaf

Weekends and Offdays are usually spent making food for R!
So here’s my invention today using my trusty breadmaker!


Egg 55g
Water 65g
Bread Flour 120g
Wholemeal Flour 150g
Raw Sugar 1tbsp
Yeast 1tsp
TangZhong 100g
Unsalted Butter 15g
Shredded Cheese 20g

Add into breadmaker in the following order, tangzhong when dough is crumbs form and better after evenly mixed. Add cheese lastly!

Above is for breadmaker 700g loaf

Baby Version Red Dragonfruit Oat Loaf

After being a mom i cook a lot…
So for record sake, i will be writting down so that i wouldn’t forget.


TangZhong Dough
1part bread flour to 5parts water
Bread Flour 25g
Water 125g

Mix both and stir till no lumps.
Cook over fire till 65°
I just cook till the texture resembles glue.
Leave it aside to cook

Dragonfruit Puree 100g
Avocado Oil 20g
Soya Milk 80g

Bread Flour 270g
Roll Oat 1tbsp
Yeast 1tsp

TangZhong 92g
Melted Unsalted Butter 10g

Set the bread machine to crust ‘Thin’ and weight ‘700g’
Pour (1) into BM and press start.
Add (2) in after 1 min and let it mix.
After texture becomes crumbs add in (3) bit by bit starting with tangzhong follow by melted butter.
Close the cover and wait for about 3hrs.

*if baking adult version, add in additional 1tsp salt and 2tbsp caster sugar.