Biore Bodyfoam

Went Watsons today and score myself 2 shower foams!!!

Tried the Apple one – Refresh just now and I smell like a yummy Fuji Apple now! SGD 14.50 for 2 is a great steal!!


Small Buy

Went AMK hub to get my Harmony Cleanser changed for the Harmony Soak Off as the blur me click wrongly on Gmart and seller is super nice to agree for exchange. ↖(^ω^)↗

I really hate going to Watsons lately as I am never shop peacefully. There are simply too many SA standing around and they are like wooden blocks blocking my views… just like just now i needed to get the Loreal YC serum, the SA is blocking me cos she is busy looking into the mirror!! And another two from dunno what brands are busy chatting and singing, YES!! Singing! Really WTF! ~(*+﹏+*)~

So i headed to NTUC instead….

I am a very very good girl! Only got what i needed (^O^)

Biore Cleansing Gel: My current ones are finishing, maybe another 4 usage. Lately i no longer apply BB cream or foundation, just sunscreen and translucent powder so I guess the above will work just fine… I love the Hongkong version one and I hope this will work the same. **Light MU is only face, my eyes are still lined and mascaraed!! And I use my HG Bifesta eye MU remover.

Loreal YC Pre-Serum: No need to say much as this is like my 3rd or 4th bottle… Can't remember. Love it!

Bioessence Snail Serum: Beem waiting to try this for sometime and my Naruko one os finishing so it's a good chance to try it. If it's good, I will get the cream too once my SKll finishes.


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Biore showdown!!!!

After using the new Biore sunblock mousse for the past few days, it’s time for my thoughts!!

Mousse VS Milk
The pink one has been my HG sunblock for the past 1 year and I am so excited to see Biore launch a new one.
The oil control factor for the milk is great! So great that I usually do not blot my face when paired with my Dr. G BB cream.

The texture of the mousse is really mousse like and it spreads real easy. A comparison between both, mousse on the left and milk on the right.

Spreading both out and u can see the difference. Just a short note on the scent, the milk has a real faint floral scent while the mousse has a faint citrus scent.

More spreading till it absorb…. Can u see the difference? Nope….
Oil control for both is almost the same but the mousse needs a bit of blotting on my T-zone after 8 hours which is fairly good!

The sample store is giving a free travel size of the mousse now… Go grab it and let me know how it works for u…


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No willpower

Ah hahahahahah!!!! I was still writing in my previous post that I need to control my spending and a trip to Watsons just now to get the ZA 2way cake for my mother proves that I have no willpower!!

What’s in the bag!!?

Tada!! Only the ZA 2way cake belongs to my mother… Remaining item all mine… Mmmmm…. Should I push the blame to the POSB Everyday card cos it gave me a $10 discount voucher for min spending of $50.

My favorite sunblock Biore launch 2 new product! 2 new waterbase sunblock… One mousse texture and another in gel… Both helps to keep the skin hydrated and upon application, water droplets can be seen.

Facts about the balm… I purchase the mousse one that is with SPF50 PA+++, cost be SGD$18.90 and I think that the price is super reasonable.

Ingredient listing if you are interested.
I’ve tried it on the back of my hand and I like the act that it glides easily and it leaves no white cast. A must buy for me as my current sunblock is finishing in another 2 to 3 uses.

Haba Lado has 2 new products on shelf!! A lip gel and a facial mist. I grab both immediately I see it as my Etude BB mist just finish… As for the lip balm… It’s just another devil in my mind asking me to buy to add in to my 1233455677765433 balms…. Hees!!

Facts about the lip gel…. This retails for SGD$10.90 and I am sold with anything that contains hyaluronic acid…. A good time to try this as the air in my current office is sooooooooo dry!!

Ingredient list if you are interested!

Facts about the facial mist…. Retails for SGd$17.90
Facial mist are a must for me as I gets flaky skin easily… Hope this is going to work as well as my Etude BB mist….

Ingredient if You are interested!!

Just ad additional cute product i s aw but i didn’t get it as I still have about half bottle left…

Hada Labo signature lotion refill…. I think this retails for SGD$18.90
Cute and environmental friendly!!

That’s all… I am going to color my hair now….

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Biore Hydra Clear and It’s Skin WH Effector

Gotten this when Watsons was having a promo @ $19.90. Have been reading lots of raves on this comparaing with the Fancl cleaning oil thus i am super bend on trying. I love the packaging of this product. Don’t you think that the light blue is hinting clean clean clean? keke…

Back to the main topic: I have been using this for the past 1 week and i feel that it isn’t clean enough for my eye area, my mascara that is suppose to be only smudge proof still sticks on my upper lashes and the lower lash mascara is completely intact. BUT, I would love to use this on my face as it really leaves it smooth and clean.

When you pour this product out, it feels like water but when applied onto the face, it feels like cleansing oil without the oily feeling. But i hate the scent of this as it reminds me of my washing powder. Will I get this product again? Maybe??
Rate this 7.5/10.

Next up is the It’s Skin WH Effector that I’ve gotten from and I am loving this!! I’ve replaced this as my night serum and after 2 weeks plus of using this, i notice that my skin looks brighter and smoother too. The lighter fleckles on my left cheekbone area seems to have lighten a bit but not the darker ones but i guess using this long term might help. The texture of this is completely like water? No colouring at all but it is lightly scented that doesn’t turn me off. I use about 1 full pump on my whole face as it absorbs quickly into my skin leaving no sticky feeling. I now announce that this will be taking over my TFS serum as this works better than only helping the skin to retain its moisture but at the same time whitening…..
Rate this 9/10.

PS: I am waiting for my SaSa package to arrive…