Small Buy

Went AMK hub to get my Harmony Cleanser changed for the Harmony Soak Off as the blur me click wrongly on Gmart and seller is super nice to agree for exchange. ↖(^ω^)↗

I really hate going to Watsons lately as I am never shop peacefully. There are simply too many SA standing around and they are like wooden blocks blocking my views… just like just now i needed to get the Loreal YC serum, the SA is blocking me cos she is busy looking into the mirror!! And another two from dunno what brands are busy chatting and singing, YES!! Singing! Really WTF! ~(*+īš+*)~

So i headed to NTUC instead….

I am a very very good girl! Only got what i needed (^O^)

Biore Cleansing Gel: My current ones are finishing, maybe another 4 usage. Lately i no longer apply BB cream or foundation, just sunscreen and translucent powder so I guess the above will work just fine… I love the Hongkong version one and I hope this will work the same. **Light MU is only face, my eyes are still lined and mascaraed!! And I use my HG Bifesta eye MU remover.

Loreal YC Pre-Serum: No need to say much as this is like my 3rd or 4th bottle… Can't remember. Love it!

Bioessence Snail Serum: Beem waiting to try this for sometime and my Naruko one os finishing so it's a good chance to try it. If it's good, I will get the cream too once my SKll finishes.


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What I adore now….

Made a little change to my skincare routine some time last month and I am loving it…

I have been a SKII FTE user since I was about 23years old but I stopped last Dec as I wanted to make some changes and it was the start of my nightmare! Breakouts and peeling skin haunted me!! đŸ˜Ļ

Last month, I bought the SKII trial set and I am so glad I started it. So here's my daily routine:

Cleanser: Hello Kitty Facial Wash / AMPM Wash Powder
I do not really like the AMPM Wash Powder but it's a GWP so I'm gonna complete it… The Hello Kitty Wash is my 2nd time using… I love the clean feeling!! I am forever changing my facial wash… Just complete the Biore Marshmallow Foam….
Toner: SKII
This toner actually contains AHA and it preps my skin for the FTE. I've completed a 40ml trial bottle….
Love this to the max!!!
It actually helps the skin to restore its youthfulness… Dunno what to write in words but I love the way my skin shine! 🙂
Am also trying the SKII Cellumination Serum that SA pass me… This is one expensive serum that I can't bear to purchase….
Moisturizer: SKII Skin Signature in the daytime. Notice that it's a small sample bottle? The SA was very nice to let me try out first…. I love the fact that it's non-oily and skin is soft and hydrated…. Just gotten the full size today…
SKII Cellumination Deep Surge in the night time as this has a slightly more oily feel on my skin. I love that skin is not tight in the morning when I wake up. Notice that the size is also a smaller one? The SA gave me
A sample to try and I like it… Went to Best World Beauty, a online store, and purchase the 15g to try out more as I did't really adore the oiliness…. Think I will not repurchase this after I finish….
Neck Cream: Notice the Bio-Essence Facial lifting cream… it's a little too rich for me so I use it on my neck 🙂 

The small EL is my current night eyecare but I will be switch to try out the SKII Signature Eye Cream soon as the SA pass me some today :))

My loot today :))
I am a happy girl!!

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