The Delivery Day

Finally I am gonna pen down the Delivery Day of Baby Rachelle…
Didn’t really wanna write about the story as I was quite horrified by the process that I had baby blues for quite some time..

18th July 2013
I was supposed to go for my checkup with the gynae at 11am so as usual, I was lazing in bed with Noona. Heard a ‘pop’ sound at about 9plus and I was thinking if it was a symptom of waterbag bursting as I have been reading on D-day stories online to past time 🙂 A very big mistake as I was freaking myself out every night… haha…

Back to topic… I stood up and wanted to go bath and prepare for the checkup when I felt water gushing out from you know where…. OMG feeling!!! Called the husband immediately and gotten him to meet me at the gynae… I took a quick bath and went to clinic where it was confirmed that waterbag burst… me insisted to go to Macdonalds for breakfast before proceeding back home to do some final packing and off to Mount A for arrival of Baby Rachelle…

So far everything sounds ok right? We reached the hospital at about 1plus and I was lead to the delivery suite… changed into the gown and lucky me didn’t went through the clearing of bowels as I told the nurse that I poo twice before admitting in… oops… too much details… Dr Phua came and did a VE check which I wanted to kick him in his face as it was freaking painful… now I know my pain tresh… he insisted on inducing me which lead me to my first fear… needles and drips… I requested for the laughing gas when I did not have any contractions yet but I am stressed out by the needle so heh heh… Breath in breath out… super high that I didn’t feel the needle going in… lol!!

After about 10mins, the medication kicks in and that was when the contractions starts slow and steady… still bearable and I was still joking about with the husband asking him to try the gas… haha… he went NUMB!! Think about 30mins went and the horrible contractions came in fast and close and that was when I told the husband that I am giving in to my another fear, the epidural as I felt that I was going to go crazy from the pain… seriously whoever that tells me natural childbirth is not painful is gonna get a kick from me!! Basically only my hair is not painful! haha…

Waited for the Doctor to come and it was when I broke down and cry as I was too afraid and they told the husband to leave the room to make it easier for them to administer the jab on me…. same process goes on the gas and I was so high that I keep hearing the V for Vitegen song in my ears… haha… I remember me junping out halfway through the epidural jab and gotten a scolding from the doctor… dunno what happen was I was super high… this is the most sad part as my epidural didn’t work… I could feel every contraction coming in and even the insertion of the urine bag was sooooooo pain… i had requested for higher dosage as I could feel all the pain and move my toes but the nurses were just telling me that they need check with Dr Phua… the truth is that Baby Rachelle has poo in my tummy and was in stress so they weren’t comfortable to increase my dosage… wasted my $450!!! The nurses did the VE from time to time and I was only like 6cm to 7cm dilated…

Dr Phua came at about 6plus after me in pain for like 4 hours and did another VE… his VE is always so bloody pain… his words to the husband is that I am only 6cm dilated and it is a must to do emergency c-sect… OMG!!! I was like crying non stop and holding on to the husband’s hand telling him I don’t want but do you think I have a choice?? The only choice I made was that I wasn’t a GA C-sect as the epidural is not working and I do not want to scare myself further by going for edidural c-sect… I remembered I cried all the way from the delivery suite to the operations suite and the doctors had to calm me down before they can do anything to me….

So at about 7plus, Baby Rachelle was born!!!!
The worse was the pain when they pull a tube out from my throat… damn it!
Thank you Kejie for being there and thank you God for the beautiful child…
The post operation I shall not blog about it was it was a terrible and scary journey…

Now I have a one child policy!!!!


Counting Down

Am about 39 weeks today and Baby Rachelle is still showing no signs of popping.
Been talking to her and telling her it's time to come to Mummy's and Daddy's arm… hehe…
Maybe she understands that I am scare of the labour process so giving me a little more time to prepare myself.
I gotten so stress up for the IV drip that I cried yesterday night… haha… stupid me I know 🙂

I am now just waiting for the contraction to kick in and as of last Thursday, she is about 3.5kg 🙂
I will try not to go for epidural as the thought of it makes me wanna faint already. This is how useless I am when it comes to needles and jabs.
I am confident that I will be able to survive the labour pain but epidural I do not have the confident to overcome it…

shall update soon!!

Week 35

Time sure passes fast and I feel as though I just took the pregnancy test but here we are at 35 weeks!

This is my 35 weeks babybump!

Did some rounds of washing and I am more of less ready for Rachelle's arrival!!!!

Her cardboard!!!!

Gotten a playpen instead of a cot…

And a sofabed for parents or MIL stayover during confinment 🙂

32 weeks

I should be 32 weeks as of now as I am also a little confuse 🙂
Base on the last day of my last cycle, my gynae mentioned that the EDD should be on 22 July 2013 but I have a 5 weeks to 6 weeks cycle so I am also lost.
Base on my scans with the gynae, the screen always shows EDD to be 15 July 2013 so I trust the screen more… lol!!
Gyane mentioned that Baby Rachelle is a little on the fatty side as she is about 1.7kg as of last scan at 30 weeks whereby the guideline is about 1.4kg.
Excited to be going for my scan again next week followby the motherhood fair at Singapore Expo.
Think I wasn't as excited as a lot of FTM as I didn't really shop for Rachelle's clothes and stuff.
The checklist is gonna be a long long one for the Motherhood Fair next weel 🙂

Being a working mum means that I will have to send Rachelle to Nanny's place as both Mummy and MIL doesn't wanna help to take care of Baby 😦
Went for a house visit yesterday and I must say I really like the Nanny.
She is about 50+ and has 4 years of working experinece at an Infant Care currently.
The good thing about sending Rachelle over is that she will have Nanny's grand-daughter as her playmate whom is about 2.5 months currently.
The house is very clean and I am impressed with the way the Nanny handles a crying baby, stop the minute she talks to her!! Must be her magic touch and the plus plus point is that it is just a 5 mins walk from my home!
But there is one issue that I am very uncomfortable with, there are no window grills installed and they stay at Level 16.
Mummy and Hub both mentioned that is is a little early to worry as I will be sending Rachelle to Daycare once the age is right for learning activities to be in thus I shouldn't be worrying too much.
Think I am just being too panaroid 🙂
I've made clear to them of my concern and I would hope that they can keep the windows closed at all time 🙂 Since there is aircon in the living room too, heh heh…
Experience mummy, am I worrying too much LOL!!

Will update more soon 🙂

Totally Lazy

I blame it on being pregnant for not updating my blog. OOPS!!
Am just to tired after the daily buzz at work and weekends are spend washing clothes, playing with Noona and sleeping.

Am 26 weeks plus pregnant now and just another 13 weeks, Baby Rachelle will be in my arms.
Yes, her name is Rachelle. Decided on her name after we gotten to know the gender as we wanted to have a name to address her whenever we make small talks 🙂
The 2nd trimester has been a breeze as compared to the frist 14 weeks which I puked like mad and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the puking doesn’t returned during the 3rd trimester.

Had initially planned for a short BKK trip during the 2nd trimester but Dr Phua say NO 😦
I really cannot remember when was my last trip…. most probably is 4 years ago when I’ve just gotten Noona into our lives.
Speaking of Noona, she is turning 4 years old this Friday and I am loving her to bits.\
Sometimes I get very upset whenever people tells me to get rid of Noona after Rachelle is born.
Comeon, Noona is my family and I am sure no one get rids of family members right.
Some suggested to send Noona back to my parents and I am just wondering what is the difference of passing her to my parents and abandoning her….
I just got to learn to take all suggestions with a pinch of salt as I know that they meant well too, just that they are not thinking from my view. 🙂

I’ve recently switch my skincare from SKII to Albion and I am loving it…. been only at it for 2 weeks plus.
Will do a review soon I promise…


First Few Baby Items

Went Takashimaya Baby Fair 2013 just now with the husband and am kinda lost cos i also do not really know what to start with. I went with the mind to get the Philip Avent Sterilizer Set at $199 and maybe check out the breastpump set.

I should say I am super disipline as I really just bought the set and additional 3 small items, 2 cute roamper and a sprout husk pillow. Wanted to ask more information on the breastpump but the SA of Philip Avent looks blur and unsure. Nvm, tt can wait a bit.

Pink is my choice and blue is the husband’s

Lastly, a gift for myself… .