My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!!

Most of my friends are aware that I am a super Korean fan!!!!
My latest dramas fix cos I refuse to get cable at home…
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!!
Gumiho means 9 tails fox!!

Go catch it as Lee Seung Gi is a great actor!!! He is also a great MC and he is the reason that I regretted not getting cable as every Friday night I wall catch a variety program on CH115 call 2Day1Night….

I love 한국!

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After school

Had a lousy week but I always manage to find ways to cheer myself up!

Started my Korean lesson at NUS Extension at Park Mall on 02092010!

Shop at Plaza Singapura’s Étude House after my Korean lesson and I came out a happy gal!

Gotten some random stuff and I finally join as member!!
The peeling foam smells very berries and I couldn’t resist getting it!!

My favorite item of the day!
It cost me $23.90.
The bristle are soft and doesn’t shed.

I also love the fact that this could be so compact to bring along in my pouch!

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Some Korea babies and a big confession!!!

went to Kimchi land and i am so happy that she has agreed to help me get some items from my favourite brand – Etude!!! a bit ‘pai sei’ also cos we have not met up for more than 7 years and the first contact is to get her to help me buy stuffs…. but this is also a good step to get closer as she will be my new neighbour when we move to my new flat in Ponggol Lodge in 2 years time…. Thanks Dear for helping me to get the stuffs!!

so sorry for the poor resolution pictures as i wasn’t in a very good mood so i just click click…. i only got 3 items but look at the amount of samples that she has gotten for me to try!! i am very excited to try the IOPE skincare….

 i guess not much introduction is needed for this item as this is already my 4th bottle… 17000won…. this is my backup!!
 The Aqua Sherbet Ice Toner. i love the feeling of this upon application as it felt like putting ice on my face – the cooling effect. it is said to balance the skin’s PH level and helps to replenish the skin’s moisture too. i have been using it for only 2 nights so not much of a effect till now….
Now to this cute little eye cream, don’t you think that the Panda is so cute. this eye cream is said to contain broccoli extract!! sound yummy?? it comes with a cute little massage stick too!!

Now the confession part

ETUDE STUFFS and some reviews…..

Apologise for the late late review on this product. tried this for continously 2 weeks but i have stopped now as lately i am busy going into a new job position and wasn’t able to pop this between trainings thus i am only doing a review based on the 2 weeks of consumption. i was able to see a great change as i think that is only 2 weeks but it did not give me any breakouts. but i am not sure am i imagining things or not but with this, i am going to the toliet more often with loose stools, sorry i know it’s yucky…. i will be going back on the pills again next week after i settle down in the new branch and then i’ll see again. but i have a big big pimple on my cheek after i stop….. connected?? and it’s stil there till now….

forgive me for resizing the pictures to a very very funny size…. well, i wanted to just post some of my buys lately… the LaSource is a gift from MAMA LINDA dearest on my last day at battery… i love this series hand cream… it just smell great!! the BRTC blemish solution is fr Watson’s @ SGD 29.90… not too bad but i still need time to test it more, the Liese is just a hair mist and it smells lovely, i bought it cos it’s pink and girly and sweet….

The above are some of the items that Keng got his cousin to bring back for me fr Korea… think cost me about SGD 70 to SGD 75. i will do a review soon i hope….
did some rearranging on my makeup space so that i can easy access to them in the morning rathen than having to open the box and look for it. now all that are kept in boxes are the things that i seldom use….
i love EDM!!!