Okay I am sorry

I am so sorry for missing in action for such a long time. Parenting and work duties has kept me super busy for the past 1.5 years. I am still actively in instagram and facebook but stop writing so can imagine how long has the lappie been on off mode.

Well, I am sure that I will be finding more time to write but hey I have never really stop reading so continue to write for my reading…

Till later….


Spinach Oat Loaf

Freshly Bake Spinach Oat Loaf

1 Egg
90g Spinach Water (i boil some spinach and blend with water)
1tbsp Raw Sugar
30g Cake Flour
120g Bread Flour
2tbsp Baby Oat
3/4 Instant Yeast
25g Salted Butter

#6, Light Crust, 450g



Banana Oat Bites


Been so long since i last updated! Well still busy as a bee and am so envy that some of the mummies can blog on a regular basis… okay okay…. nagging aside!

Real quick… all done in 30mins!!!

*preheat oven to 250°*

2 ripe large bananas
1 cup baby oat and roll oat mixed
10g melted salted butter

Mashed banana with a fork and mix in the oats. Drizzle the butter in and mix. Spoon to a baking sheet.
Adjust oven temp back to 230° and baked for 20mins. Watch out for burnts!!!