All Is Well

I am currently pregnant with my 2nd child 🙂 Happy to know that I am blessed and R will be having another sibling to play with. Stress will be on the handling part but I know I will be able to handle it well. #Motherhood is tough but is a stage that all parents have to go through.

I had gotten to know that I was preggy during lunch at work, was feeling nausea for quite some time but not due for period at the point of time… was just thinking since is so cheap the test kit so let’s go! who knows dadah!!! Faint red line that has gotten darker as time passes.

Went through the usual gynae checks starting week 7 and the feeling is still TOUCHING when I saw the ultrascan! The real tough part is the morning sickness that says KILL ME PLEASE!! Well I am glad that I am 20 weeks plus now!

Fast forward to the Oscar scan at week 12, everything was ok till Dr Phua called me 3 days after the scan to update me the results of the scan. The cutoff for the DS was 1:395 and my blood test came back 1:605. He mentioned that it still falls within the low risk range not it is a must for them to recommend me to see if I want to take another test. As compared to Rachelle’s results that was 1:6000plus, this has gotten me quite worried. Spoke to hub and we decided to just wait for the detailed scan at 20week as I was thinking that no matter what, I would want to keep the baby as it is a life.

Well, the scan yesterday was good. Everything was good and thank God that I can lessen my worried by at least 80%. The remaining 20% is to pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy journey till my csec day 🙂

All Is Well


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