Molasses Chiffon Cups

Been really cooking and baking a lot after R started eating real food…😂


Egg White 115g
Raw Sugar 15g
Egg Yolk 45g
Molasses 3/4tbsp
VCO 1tbsp
Unsweetened Rice Milk 55g
Cake Flour 60g + 1/4 Baking Powder – Sifted

Preheat over at 200°
Whisk yolk and molasses till creamy, add in oil and rice milk.
Whisk in the flour mix and set aside.
Whisk egg white for 5mins and add in sugar and whisk till stiff peak. Divide to 3 portions.
Hand fold (A) into (B) evenly.
Slam the mixing bowl 2 to 5 times to remove air bubbles.
Spoon into mould.
Tap lightly on table before putting into oven.
I baked mine this round at 15mins 200degrees as the mould were mini sized.


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