And Dinner is Served

Did a testing session today and so far everything went well… let’s just keep my fingers crossed!


Her before and after. Guess R is still not used to eating dinner and let’s just let R adapt slowly.

Short Grain Rice
Scramble Egg with olive oil
Chicken Potato Carrot Soup

Question: This is my current schedule for R’s daily intake, am i over feeding her?
6am 240ml
9am Breakfast – Oat/Bread/Pancake
12pm Lunch – Usual Porridge
3pm 240ml
6pm 150ml
7.30pm Dinner
9.30pm 240ml – A must before she sleeps


8 thoughts on “And Dinner is Served

  1. Wow… She can still eat dinner 1.5 hours after milk? Very good appetite!

    At her age, she probably can do away with the pre-dinner milk though. That way, her stomach will have more space for dinner and she will also slowly wean off. If you are worried that she will be hungry between 3pm to 6pm, maybe you can give her a light snack at about 5pm. That way, it’s not too close to dinner and she won’t starve.

  2. I have to say, you are a very dedicated mummy who really preps everything for baby! thumbs up!

    looking forward to see how R adapts πŸ™‚
    for me, I can only wish L starts to eat more soon.. he’s such a small eater! 😦

    • Thanks… cos i am quite anal the food that goes into her thus i choose to cook but am also slowly prepping her ready to eat outside food as she will be starting school next Feb but i want to start serving seasonings from home and slowly venture… give L some time and he will eat mpre more when time comes… R’s appetite might have to do with she is very active…

      • L is very active, and I feel cos he isn’t eating much.. his weight has been pretty stagnant at 25th percentile. The PD isn’t very concerned but I do wish I would eat more. Thank you, I’m keeping myself motivated by you. haha! πŸ™‚

      • Haha… if PD is not too concern then you dun get too worry too… cook something he enjoys and most pro his appetite is smaller… can try give healthy snacks in between…

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