Enon Parenting Style 1

Everyone has different parenting habits and no matter how we parents choose to bring up our LO, we get judged by others. I am so numbed by the remarks i’ve heard and i choose to laugh it off cos no one understand my child’s need more than me… even PapaK gets lost at times.

Don’t get me wrong! I also judge others on why they can let their LO be exposed to high sugar content food or why they feed over counters TCM to their LO… I judged others on why they are so persistence to BF their LO and many more other things!

I finally understand! Everyone has different parenting styles. To others I am be very anal when it comes to R but to me, this is what I can try my best to give to her.

I am very strict with R’s diet even till now i am only opening a very small food gate for her. I make sure i personally prep all her meals daily, sad to say I am not able to prep her dinner as she is at nanny so i make sure shw gets homemade puree to go with her cereal. All her current snacks are still puffs, yogurt drops, dried strawberries and Pigeon brand snacks.

The small food gate i allowed is only tasting bits of my food when we are out for dinner. And i made it very clear no sharing of spoons and chopsticks except PapaK and mine. I really find it very unhygiene to be sharing and i will always try to ask for extra spoon when we eat outside.

Will be opening the food gate for her soon as she will be going to childcare next Feb… I hope i won’t be so reluctant and possessive by then…

This is one of my parenting style 🙂


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