You are just worth this much

A very very negative post but i have to pen this down.

No matter how many certificates you have, it doesn’t give you the right to laugh at others!  You are just worth this much (—-) i think!

I am not highly educated but i know that i shouldn’t go around saying nasty stuff to others. Even if that person is fat after post natal,  i wouldn’t say things like “hey why you still so fat?”

I also wouldn’t say stuff like these: why your hair so dry? / Aiyo, you know i saw who and who, her baby bump still sticks to her! / They should be thankful they f**t so that they can fit into better looking clothes / i think the mirrors in their houses are those illusion ones which is why they don’t realise they are so fat!

The worse is that when i told them off on why they so evil, i was questioned if i wanna join those people that they are lauging at!

So no matter how highly educated you are, you are just worth that much!

Point made!


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